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Fortnite apparently change mouse & keyboard recoil amid aim assist row

Published: 27/May/2020 17:55

by Jacob Hale


It is being reported that Epic Games fixed the issues with recoil for Fortnite players who use mouse and keyboard in their latest update.

Recoil for mouse and keyboard has been a huge point of contention for players, who claim that the input actually had more recoil than if you use a controller, which could obviously be a huge disadvantage, especially in a competitive setting.

The problem only served to exacerbate the cries of players who have fought against aim assist in Fortnite, claiming that it is overpowered and unfair – but it seems this may have changed.

Epic Games
Fortnite’s Doomsday event is expected to bring in the new season at the start of June.

The v12.61 patch is the most recent at the time of writing, the final update before Chapter 2, Season 3 gets underway.


While Epic seem to be investigating how to bring controller and mouse & keyboard players to a level playing field, it looks like recoil for the latter has been addressed, if new footage is to be believed.

Posting to Reddit, remarkableseif shared a video of themself doing a recoil test using both inputs, and the results should put a smile on the faces of mouse & keyboard players.

In the video, you can see the player spraying a full clip of the Rare Assault Rifle, once on each input – and they look almost identical.

Same recoil on both inputs now from r/FortniteCompetitive

Prior to the update, mouse & keyboard appeared to have more recoil, meaning they had to make slightly more adjustments when spraying at an enemy.


It remains to be seen whether mouse & keyboard players are happy with this change – after all, much of the aim assist debate has centered around the desire for controller players to face a nerf, not a buff for themselves.

In fact, some even believe that due to controller players now being able to track enemies over a longer distance, they may have actually received a buff.

While the testing is not extensive, it looks positive for mouse & keyboard players, and they will be hoping it’s a sign of things to come going into Season 3.