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Fortnite: a look at the leaked winter-themed Love Ranger skin

Published: 15/Dec/2018 13:43 Updated: 15/Dec/2018 14:14

by Connor Bennett


Data miners have revealed the first look at Fortnite’s winter-themed version of the Cupid skin, the Lover Ranger.  

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Fortnite fans have been teased with the idea of winter-themed versions of some of their favourite skins. At the beginning of Season 7, data miners dug through the game’s assets to find what might be coming next.

The file names for the Red Knight, Raven and Cupid skins were all discovered – alongside a limited-time Sword mode which eventually became the now-vaulted Infinity Blade – as were a number of winter-themed Back Blings.

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Now, SkinTracker – a website which tracks the release of items in multiple Battle Royale games, has revealed a look at the winter-themed Love Ranger skin.


The Love Ranger, which is a play on the original Cupid skin, is a grey, black and light coloured skin. The same markings on the upper body from the original skin are back but in an updated frost-like look. There also cube shapes running down the side of the pants.

Love Ranger Winter style from r/FortniteLeaks

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The re-releasing of original skins has caused plenty of controversial amongst Fortnite players. Some fans believe that the ‘OG’ skins should not be available again, instead, allowing early Fortnite players to have something special with their no longer available looks. 

Epic Games have not used an OG skin as a re-release since the updated Skull Trooper was released in October. However, with the Love Ranger, Red Knight and Raven winter versions being found by data miners, anger about updated OG skins doesn’t look to be too much of a concern.