Winter versions of classic Fortnite skins ‘Red Knight’ and more coming soon, according to leaks

Calum Patterson

New leaks have surfaced suggesting that some classic Fortnite skins will be getting new seasonal versions in Season 7, including Red Knight.

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Dropping on December 6, the v7.00 update brought with it massive map changes, a new battle pass and plenty of new content – but there is lots more to come.

Data miners have been busy digging through the files from the new update, and have already discovered a potential new sword based LTM coming soon.

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For skins fanatics though, this latest leak will be even more intriguing, as it looks like some fan favorite skins will be getting wintery remakes.

Game files discovered by data miner FortTory indicate that winter effects could be added to skins like Red Knight, Raven and Cupid.

Unfortunately there are no visuals to show of these skins, rather only the file names, found in a ‘characters’ folders.

via FortTory
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There is some controversy around this leak however, as some long time Fortnite players are against the idea of releasing ‘OG’ skins back into the game, taking away the sheen from players who have been playing longer.

The last ‘OG’ skin to be released was the Skull Trooper in October, which came back with a variety of colors after a year of not being available.

For now, these are simply file names, and they could be scrapped by Epic Games, so fans should wait until they are officially announced before getting up in arms/celebrating over old skins coming back.