Epic Games Will Be Expanding Competitive Fortnite, Including a “Robust” Competition System That’s Coming Soon

Albert Petrosyan

The competitive scene of Fortnite Battle Royale has becoming very prominent and popular over the past several months.

Fans and players will be pleased to hear that Epic Games plans on continuing and even expanding competitive Fortnite in the near future.

Currently, there are only two officially confirmed competitive Fortnite events supported by Epic Games – the ongoing Summer Skirmish tournament series and the Fortnite World Cup scheduled for Spring of 2019.

The Summer Skirmish, which features an $8 million prize pool awarded over an eight week period, has allowed Epic to experiment with various formats and gauge the community’s interest.

Our weekly Fortnite Summer Skirmish events have proven invaluable as a testing ground, providing a high-stakes environment for some of the best players in the world to showcase their skills. We have learned a lot from experiments with scoring schemes and formats, attempting to find the best balance between simplicity, entertainment, server performance and competitive integrity.

However, because the Summer Skirmish predominantly features big-name content creators and established players, many are unhappy that lesser known players are given no real chance to participate.

As a result, Epic are planning on a new “robust” competition system for all players, the first version of which will be coming soon.

We are aware of a strong desire from competitive players for more opportunities to compete directly against one another within the same match. Development recently began for a robust competition system which will allow for all players to compete with one another and be recognized for their accomplishments. The first version of this feature is expected later this Fall.

Furthermore, these official competitive events will not stop there, as Epic have said that they plan on continuing to host and support events in the near future.

Expect for us to continue operating and supporting competitive events after the conclusion of Summer Skirmish as we lead into next year’s official Fortnite World Cup.

With Epic Games having pledged $100 million in prize pool money, players and fans can expect the competitive side of Fortnite to start building up real soon.

Source – Epic Games