Epic Applies Minor Nerf to Fortnite’s Remote Explosives

Epic Games has applied a nerf to the explosion radius of the Remote Explosives in Fortnite Battle Royale.

The Remote Explosives were temporarily disabled on July 24 after Epic discovered an issue where they would not deal damage to a structure after damaging a player. That issue has now been rectified, and Remote Explosives are back in the game.

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Commenting on the initial problem, Fortnite’s Lead Item Designer, Rook, revealed that the issue was due to botched nerf that had been applied to the Remote Explosives as part of the recent V5.1 patch.

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He stated “we inadvertently unified the player damage radius (400 units) and the structure damage radius (600 units) to use the smaller of the two” but confirmed that the team was “testing a new value for this unified destruction radius that meets more in the middle”.

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Rook went on to state that the logic behind the intended change was that “one charge should be able to destroy the wall it’s attached to and the wall on the opposite side of the building grid. That means the explosion radius needs to increase”.

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He said that he would get back to the community once a final decision was made and, true to his word, followed up with another statement once the Remote Explosives went live again.

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Rook says that the damage radius for the item will now be a unified 520 units, as opposed to the 600 units for structures and 400 units for players from previous iterations.

He also revealed that Epic plans to adjust the availability of the devices in the future and reduce the maximum stack size, saying “we’ve been hearing the community feedback that availability of this item is too high”.

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Rook concludes by asking players to give Epic feedback once they have had the chance to test out the effectiveness of the Remote Explosives after the slight nerf.

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