Leaked In-Game Footage of Upcoming Fortnite Emotes

by Ross Deason


Dataminers have leaked the in-game footage of a number of emotes that will reportedly be released for Fortnite Battle Royale soon.

A number of images for outfits, skins, emotes and more were originally leaked on July 23. The names of the emotes included Living Large, Hand Signals and Finger Wag.


Now the Instagram datamining account known as jh9 has leaked the in-game footage of some of those emotes, as well as a previously unknown one called Intensity.

The videos for the emotes, including their name, rarity and cost in V-Bucks, can be found below.


Intensity (800 V-Bucks) - Epic

Finger Wag (200 V-Bucks) - Uncommon

Hand Signals (200 V-Bucks) - Uncommon

Living Large (500 V-Bucks) - Rare

Expect to see the new emotes added gradually over the coming days and weeks. We have a feeling that Living Large will be a big hit!