Competitive Fortnite still struggles to find a format: Ninja, Parallax and more weigh in

. 4 years ago

Despite being the most popular game in the world and having millions of dollars on the line in their esports competitions, Fortnite is still struggling to find a competitive format everyone can agree on.

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After the latest tournament, Week One of the Fall Skirmish, top pros and streamers took to social media to express their feelings on what the best format is for Fortnite esports.

100T Parallax complained that the formats valuing placings slow the game down too much and encourage camping.

Unlike Parallax, Liquid Chap is in favor of the high placings formats, claiming kill-incentives ignore the point of Battle Royale games – being the last person standing.

compLexity’s Hogman agreed with Chap, saying Fortnite is a different game if you value kills over placements.

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Ninja and Timthetatman weighed in on the debate as well and brought up the lag issues that are around in major events.

Timthetatman had the viewers in mind when talking about formats and suggested kill incentives, like the defunct Friday Fortnite, were more entertaining for viewers.

“[Friday Fortnite], from a viewer’s standpoint, was probably more entertaining to watch,” said Tim. Ninja seemed to agree, but doubted the ability of Friday Fortnite to return.

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Epic Games put a cap on the amount of prize money allowed for third-party tournament organizers, effectively cancelling Friday Fortnite in favor of their own Summer Skirmish series.

Week Two of the Fall Skirmish will be on September 28, with a format that is to be determined.

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