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Clever trick gives Fortnite players easy materials using Decoy Grenades

Published: 21/Feb/2020 16:58

by Jacob Hale


A new trick has been discovered in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 that allows players to get materials quick and easy using the newly-introduced Decoy Grenades.

A number of new items were introduced with the update, including the vaulting of weapons such as traps and the compact submachine gun, and the un-vaulting of the minigun, heavy sniper rifle and many more.

One new item that has been introduced to the battle royale title is Decoy Grenades, which spawn a clone of your character and can be used to distract enemies, making it the perfect getaway tool. Now, though, players have found an alternative use for it, farming mats using their own decoys.


Epic Games
Season 2 has also introduced a number of new cosmetic items for players to try out, including a Deadpool skin.

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In the Arena game modes, siphon settings are in-play, meaning each elimination grants players health and 150 materials. Now, though, you can get your materials without having to even see an enemy player, let alone eliminate them.

This is because the Decoys – whether purposely or as a mistake on Epic Games’ part – drop 150 materials when they expire after around 20-30 seconds, meaning that if you simply wait for them to die out, you get free materials with little to no risk.

The best way to utilize this is to throw your decoys down in a box, meaning you can keep them all contained and within your sight, and you don’t have to go hunting for the materials after. With each decoy worth 150 mats, you can easily get 450 from a stack of three – or more, if you find them.


Epic Games
After a long Season 1, Chapter 2: Season 2 dropped with a multitude of changes in February.

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The best part about this is that it doesn’t come at any cost to the player – it’s unlikely that Decoy Grenades are going to be used that extensively, so it’s simple enough to just pick some up and throw them down, with no concern of “missing out” on what the item is actually designed for.

This makes it almost as efficient as the Supply Llama – which drops 200 of each material – when it comes to farming, making the rare item a little less exciting if you find it on the map.

It’s possible that this wasn’t an intended game mechanic and Epic will be looking to fix it in the near future, so make sure you try to get as many Decoy materials as possible before they fix it for good – you might not have long to take advantage of it.