Dr Disrespect wipes Fortnite from his Twitter after Season 2 update

Andrew Amos
Twitch: Dr Disrespect / Epic Games

The latest Fortnite Chapter 2 update has failed to wow one of the game’s biggest critics, Dr Disrespect, with the Two-Time choosing to delete all reference of the game from his Twitter after ranting about the game’s “false perception” of excellence.

Fortnite’s mega Chapter 2: Season 2 update brought a host of long-awaited changes to Epic’s popular battle royale, including a new Battle Pass, map changes, and the opening of the vault to some of Chapter 1’s more exciting weapons.

While Dr Disrespect has been giving Fortnite more of a crack on stream recently, all of his enthusiasm was curbed by the new update.

Epic Games
Fortnite’s Chapter 2: Season 2 update has failed to strike a chord with critic Dr Disrespect.

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Losing game-after-game, the Doc was fed up. One particular gunfight drew the ire of the streamer, after he was one shot with an assault rifle in close range, even though he landed an almost-perfect shotgun blast first.

It was enough to send him over the edge, divulging on a huge rant about how “garbage and overhyped” the latest update for Fortnite seems to be.

“Enough of this f**king one-ramp, two-ramp, wall, ceiling, floor, and then shotgun blast that does f**king nothing because we’re doing a coinflip up in the air,” he said. “I don’t want to play it anymore.

“I want intelligent, paced games, with open worlds, and skill gap games. I want to be able to aim and shoot and have that be part of the skill and not some f**king bloom weapon or some randomized number that’s put on my shotgun.”

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After composing himself from his devastating loss, the Doc reshared his thoughts in a more reserved manner, and his optimism for the new season content is low.

“The game is dying, and they’re trying to squeeze anything out of this game,” he added. “Let me tell you, after looking at that content, good luck with the rest of the season like holy sh*t. Good luck with that for a couple of months.

He also made his intentions clear on what he wants to see from Epic ⁠— a game that, to him, lives up to its hype as an ‘era-defining’ title. Until that happens, he’s not going to tweet about the game.

“I want something to bring me to the next level of gaming development,” he explained. “I want f**king massive worlds and expanding narratives ⁠— I don’t know man, I’m just a big thinker. I think big, I don’t think small like this game.

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“It’s created this false perception that it’s the game that sets the bar, that pushes the envelope of video games from a mainstream standpoint, and I hate it.”

The Doc is not the only one to be displeased with some of the new additions to Season 2. Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins slammed Epic for unvaulting the Mythic Drum Gun, labelling the gun “disgusting.”

However, whether Doc will actually delete the battle royale for good this time remains to be seen. He’s criticized the game multiple times, and given it second chances, but the new update has at least struck enough of a nerve to stop giving the game publicity for the foreseeable future.