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Clever Fortnite trick makes Charge Shotgun perfect for pushing enemies

Published: 22/Jun/2020 12:14

by Joe Craven


A clever and simple Fortnite trick can make the brand new Charge Shotgun the ideal weapon to use when pushing opponents, despite the inherent delay to shooting. 

Fortnite Chapter Two: Season 3 finally launched 0n June 17, following multiple delays. The patch changed a host of features in Epic’s building battle royale.

These changes included the vaulting of the Pump Shotgun, replaced by the Charge Shotgun which, as it sounds, needs to charge up prior to shooting to achieve maximum damage. While shotgun tweaks are nothing new in Fortnite, this new Charge weapon adds a wholly new dynamic into close range engagements.


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Fortnite's Charge Shotgun on a gold background
Epic Games
Fortnite’s Charge Shotgun replaced the Pump in Season 3.

Because of the unfamiliar dynamic the Charge weapon adds, it may take some time for players to learn how to truly master the new shotgun. However, a simple trick shared on June 21 can make the Charge Shotgun a great weapon to push enemies, despite the delay before firing.

Redditor ‘maxjoness‘ shared a clip showing that the new shotgun can be charged while opening a door, meaning it can be fired instantly upon the door opening. Pair this with a smart right-hand peak, and the Charge Shotgun instantly becomes more viable for pushing enemies.

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“You can charge your charge shotgun while opening a door for a powerful right hand peak shot,” they said.


TIP: You can charge your charge shotgun WHILE opening a door for a powerful right hand peak shot. from r/FortniteCompetitive

While the tactic can certainly work, many Redditors pointed it out that it has to be carried out correctly, or enemies with P90s will dominate. Do not peak before your shotgun is ready to fire is essentially the backbone of this tip.

The timing may take players a bit of time to perfect but, seeing how well the Fortnite community has adjusted to new weapons and mechanics in the past, it should be no time at all before we see the tactic in high levels of Epic’s BR.