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Clever Fortnite trick lets players build and take cover faster after gliding

Published: 11/Jan/2019 22:03 Updated: 12/Jan/2019 0:32

by Albert Petrosyan


Fortnite Battle Royale users have found a neat new trick that allows them to build and take cover faster after gliding down to the ground. 

Apart from the initial glide down at the start of every match, there are several other situations that require the use of the glider, such as when jumping from X-4 Stormwing planes, using Rifts, or launching off Launch Pads. 

Gliding down can be risky, especially in late game situations, because gliders make a lot of noise and nearby enemy players can get alerted and start attacking even before the gliding player has reached the ground, putting them at an extreme disadvantage. 

In order to better combat this disadvantage, Reddit user ‘CharizardFactory’ has discovered that there is a way for players to build faster as soon as they do land so that they can protect themselves for enemy fire. 

With gliders making so much noise, gliding down into hot zones can leave players exposed to enemy fire as soon as they land.

Just prior to doing the action that will ultimately lead to gliding down (jumping from a plane, jumping on a Launch Pad, etc…) a player must pull out their building interface and press and hold the button to initiate a wall build.

It’s essential that this be done prior to actually launching because it won’t work if one tries to pull out their builds while already in the air. 

Once that is done and the player is already in the air and gliding down, they must continue to hold the button down until they land, at which point the building mechanism will register again and a wall will instantaneously build in front of the player as soon as the glider goes away.

Here is a video demonstrating how to do this trick and the difference it can make in building speeds, courtesy of Reddit user ‘ImSpeedyGonzalez.’ 

As the video above shows, this method is a 240 millisecond faster way to initiate building after a glide-down rather than trying to build a wall normally as soon as the player lands. 

That may not seem like much of an improvement, it is better than nothing, and most seasoned Fortnite players will tell you that certain situations can come down to split-second differences. 

Besides, there is no reason not to start using this since it’s simple enough to do and only requires that Turbo Building be enabled, which most players have on anyway. 


Fortnite Galactus skin leaked ahead of Season 4 finale event

Published: 28/Nov/2020 22:12

by Theo Salaun


Just days ahead of Fortnite’s Galactus live event on December 1, data-miners have leaked a highly anticipated Galactus skin without spoiling event details. 

Galactus, the “Devourer of Worlds,” has been approaching Fortnite’s island and his unavoidable arrival is finally nigh. In a one-time-only, live Season 4 “Nexus War” finale on December 1, Marvel’s world-eater and Epic Games’ player base will collide. 

While fans currently know that the gigantic, cosmic entity is making his way to the Island and that something will be happening on the aforementioned date at 4 p.m. ET, few details are available.

Fortunately for impatient aficionados of the battle royale, dataminers have leaked a Galactus skin that should be coming to the game’s shop with a bundle at some point.

Fortnite Galactus skin leaked

galactus skin fortnite
Twitter, @ximton
The Galactus skin doesn’t seem massive, but it’s definitely spooky.

While it’s unclear exactly how similar this skin will be to the teased images of a gargantuan, shadowy Galactus shared by Epic themselves, the skin most certainly presents an imposing figure. 

Dressed in glistening jet black and red, the skin features regal, villainous armor bookended by chunky boots and a massive helmet. Eagle-eyed fans might even notice a particularly smug smile sitting across the infamous villain’s purple face.

It remains uncertain if this skin will be available for purchase and, if so, when it will be. But leakers like ‘ximton’ have discovered files indicating it could be part of a bundle. Still, in order to save fans from leaks, dataminers have remained largely quiet about specific event details.

Fortnite Galactus event – what we know so far

A variety of leaks have already surfaced, showing a gigantic Galactus and teasing the possibilities of a major battle between Marvel’s heroes and the cosmic world-eater. But Epic Games have tried to keep things on the low, only confirming that “the fate of all Reality lies in the balance.”

As mentioned earlier, the finale event begins on Tuesday, December 1 at 4 p.m. ET (1 p.m. PT, 9 p.m. GMT) and its exact duration is unknown. Epic have advised players to download the latest update (14.60) and Houseparty (which is integrated with Fortnite to allow for live video chat).

For all leaks, details, and news about the event, follow along with our dedicated Galactus info hub.