Insane Fortnite glitch wrongly gives squad new world record in eliminations

. 3 years ago

A group of Fortnite Battle Royale controller players had seemingly broken the world record for eliminations in a Squads match, but it all turned out to be the result of an insane glitch in the game. 

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Prominent controller players Assault, Innocents, Destroy, and Bini posted on social media that they had managed to accumulate a whopping 63 eliminations in a Squads match. 

This total would have been enough to eclipse the world records for both PC and console platforms, except it turned out to be a joke and they had not gotten 63 kills. 

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The reason the in-game scoreboard showed them to have that many eliminations was the result of a glitch that gave one of the players an extra 18 eliminations.

The most shocking thing about this was the fact that player who supposedly got 18 eliminations, Bini, wasn’t even in the match with the rest of the group. 

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We reached out to Destroy about this and he broke down what exactly took place that led them to end up with an apparent world record.

“We didn’t really break it, it was a glitch that showed he had kills when he didnt,” he explained. “So basically we joined into a Squad with just me, Innocents, and Assault, and while we were mid-game, Bini joined and tt somehow kept adding kills to his name as we were getting kills.”

So it was the action of Bini joining the lobby while the rest were already in a match that glitch the game coding to show him not only in the game with them, but with 18 extra eliminations. 

Having streamed the entire thing, Destroy’s Twitch channel contains a rebroadcast that shows all of this taking place, and the clip above is of the hilarious moment when the players realized they had been handed a free world record.

You can watch Destroy’s YouTube video of the gameplay that led up to the glitched record, which was impressive in its own rite considering the trio got 43 eliminations. 

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