Benjyfishy Fortnite teammate JoeFN has Twitter hacked over cheating allegations

Nick Farrell
benjy teammate banned

One of Benjyfishy’s new teammates JoeFN has been hacked on social media, over allegations that he’s downloaded cheats for his account. 

With the recent conclusion of Season 7’s FNCS event, we’ve seen a flurry of trios split ways and new teams surge throughout recent events. Benjyfishy and his trio of Shadoww and JoeFN are one of the trios who’re sticking out over the off-season, despite the disappointing Grand Finals.

The trio has found success in the Fortnite Cash Cups, which they’ve recently placed fourth as of August 25, and they’re looking to bounce back in the next FNCS which is coming with the release of Season 8.

However, Joe’s Twitter account was taken into possession by a hacker on Sept 12, who claimed the player downloaded cheats which allowed them to gain access to the account.

Benjy World Cup
Benjyfishy and co placed 25th in the recent FNCS Grand Finals.

Fortnite pro JoeFN’s Twitter hacked

Top-tier Fortnite professionals being accused of hacks by social media account is something that has become very common recently within the esport. As, other European pros such as Th0masHD were at the brute end of this, with some accounts claiming the player has been using aimbot hacks for several months now.

The hacker, got into Joe’s account the morning of September 12 and claimed they were able to access the account because of the player downloading cheats/hacks from software in the past. The hacker then requested a ransom of $2000 in Bitcoin to give Joe his account back.

joe fn cheats
Joe’s account was hacked and they started posting questionable tweets such as links to his “cheats.”

The Fortnite community quickly took notice of this, with many chiming on in the tweets they were posting including ones from Benjyfishy himself and other notable names within the scene.

After a few egregious tweets, Joe confirmed he’d gotten access to his account back with no one actually sending the hacker any BTC. While all seems good now on the end of Joe, it remains to be seen if we’ll see anything similar to this happen again in the future.

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