Stable Ronaldo fears Epic is “stalking” him over Fortnite criticism: “I will get banned”

Stable Ronaldo Epic stalking him Fortnite criticismYouTube: Stable Ronaldo / Epic Games

Fortnite star ‘Stable Ronaldo’ is one of the game’s biggest names. However, the NRG member is scared Epic Games is “stalking” him in an attempt to ban him and “be used as the biggest example” for criticizing the game.

Stable Ronaldo isn’t afraid to say what he thinks about Fortnite. With over a million Twitter followers and the same amount of fans on YouTube, his opinion holds weight.

He’s fought back against decreased prize pools for pro players and criticized some in-game decisions too.

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However, he now believes his comments are coming back to haunt him, claiming Epic are “stalking” him and waiting to “make an example” out of him.

“This company is watching me. It’s not something I’m exaggerating. You might think I’m overreaching, I’m 100% being watched,” he said on the Brand Risk podcast.

“Every single move I’m making I’m being watched, I know that’s scary to say but I’m being so serious.”

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Stable Ronaldo FortniteYouTube: Stable Ronaldo
Stable Ronaldo is worried Epic is stalking him to eventually ban him from Fortnite.

It comes after he was warned for toxicity earlier in September, on the same day MrSavage was banned during FNCS.

The star doubled down on the claims later on, saying an Epic employee is watching him all day.

“I’m being stalked by an Epic employee. I don’t know who it is. It’s not a main dude. They know I’m getting stream sniped, they know that my complaints are there, but they don’t give a sh*t because it doesn’t ruin their revenue.

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“They’re a brilliant company, but they’re crazy. I think I’m 100% being watched, and every move that I do is being tracked.

Ronaldo said he’s contemplated suing Epic, but he can’t “because his whole life will be gone.”

The related segment begins at 2:54:40.

“I’m going to be used as the biggest example. I’m going to sh*t talk way too much one day, and they’re either going to sue me… It’d prove to everyone that you cannot sh*t talk us anymore. That’s why they made the [toxicity] sh*t.”

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Epic Games hasn’t commented on Ronaldo’s claims.

While he promises to be unashamedly himself in the meanwhile, he’s counting down the days until he’s exiled from the community like FaZe Jarvis.

“Eventually, I think I’m going to get banned. I will get banned one day, I’m promising you. I don’t know when, but I’m preparing myself.”

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