Fortnite: Second bugged location is killing players instantly

by David Purcell
Whos Chaos / YouTube


The number of deadly bugged locations seems to be stacking up in Fortnite Season 8, as some players have found another place where they're being instantly eliminated from the game - The Block. 


Epic Games have already warned players against dropping at a spot near Fatal Fields called 'Fork Knife,' after the game's online community complained about being kicked out of sessions after landing there. 

Now, though, there seems to be another destination in the battle royale mode that's causing players problems. 


Epic Games
Epic Games
Epic warned players about landing next to the bugged 'Fork Knife' location on March 6.

A video, which was posted to the Fortnite subreddit by user SlevinVega, seems to show yet another place on the map that many players will want to avoid in their search for a win. 

"Second insta death spot found," the redditor declared. "[It was] first discovered while in the new tournament mode and verified after." 

Second insta death spot found. First discovered while in the new tournament mode, verified after. In a divot in the grass by the wall. Only happens when crouched/crouching. from r/FortNiteBR


The spot seems to be in a "divot" in the grass near The Block, as seen above. Once the player moves into a crouching position and approaches the wall, they're eliminated from the game. 

While this might not be as big an issue as Fork Knife, it could potentially cost players their chance of going on to win. 


Epic have revealed plans to introduced a fix for the Fork Knife issues, but the developer is yet to respond to the thread on Reddit and there's nothing to suggest - at this stage - that a fix for this new insta-kill bug is in the works. 

Some fans have joked that The Block could be "temporarily disabled" from Fortnite in the meantime, but that's not very likely. We will keep you updated on the situation.