Ali-A reveals 6 things Epic should do to make Fortnite “great again”

Albert Petrosyan

A lot of changes were made when Fortnite Chapter 2 launched in October, and superstar YouTuber Ali-A has come up with a list of six things developers Epic Games should do to bring the popular battle royale title back to its peak form.

While it may still be the most popular title out there, there is no denying that Fortnite is no longer the game that was universally adored during its early seasons of existence, with many of the game’s recent changes directly leading to more and more player complaints.

The emergence of Chapter 2 was a curveball that gave fans a lot of hope, as the brand new map and limited pool of items and weapons gave many the impression that Epic was starting a new chapter in Fortnite with almost a blank canvas.

All that said, most content creators are still using the game as their primary source for content, one of them being Ali-A, who is among the biggest Fortnite YouTubers out there.

While his channel is still almost exclusively limited to the battle royale title, Ali-A wants to see Epic return the game to what it was when almost everyone loved it to its core, and has made a list of proposals that he thinks will help with that. 

Epic GamesWith the launch of Chapter 2, Epic stripped Fortnite from a lot of what had previously been in the game.
  • Go back to releasing patch notes – For one reason or another, Epic have stopped releasing patch notes with every update, and it’s frustrated most, if not all, of the player-base.
  • Add more mobility – There is no doubt that the new Fortnite Chapter 2 map is starving for mobility options like Launch Pads, Impulse and Shockwave Grenades, Bouncers, and pretty much anything that would help players get to places faster. 
  • Remove skill-based matchmaking – Epic added SBMM to the casual playlists back in Season X, and it’s definitely something that a lot of players want removed so they can enjoy the game without having to constantly be trying 100% against tough opponents.
Epic GamesA lot of Fortnite players want more mobility options to be added to the map, including the return of Launch Pads.
  • Add more vehicles – While this does fit in with the need for more mobility, adding more vehicles deserves its own separate point because there simply aren’t enough types of them on the map. The only vehicles currently in the game are boats, and when Epic temporarily disabled them due to an unknown issue, it left the map with no vehicles at all. 
  • Add siphon back in casual game modes – Siphon is the mechanic that gives players an extra 50 points of health or shield when eliminated an enemy. It was removed from casual playlists back in February, and since then, players have been asking for its return. Adding it back to regular pubs would definitely help improve Fortnite.
  • Bring back Vending Machines – Vending Machines were also taken out of the game when Chapter 2 launched, and there’s no question that they were a good thing to have on the map.

Ali-A’s full video on how to make Fortnite great again can be found below. In the video, he actually presents 10 things for Epic to do, but some were omitted from our list.

At the end of the day, if Epic have proved themselves to be one thing over the past two-plus years, it’s that they’re unpredictable. In most cases, they’ve not allowed negative player feedback and complaints to deter them from their overall agenda and plan for Fortnite.

That said, the fact that they launched Chapter 2 in a way that indicates they’re starting over, so to speak, then maybe they will use a lot of what was said during the first 10 seasons to dictate the next 10, starting with some of the items in the list above. 

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