Fortnite: How to complete 'Visit a giant beach umbrella and rubber duck' 14 Days of Summer challenge

by Matt Porter


Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer special event is rolling on, and the Friday, July 5 challenge tasks players with visiting a giant beach umbrella and a huge rubber duck in a single match.


The 14 Days of Summer event may be drawing to a close, but players still have a few daily challenges left to complete if they want some sweet rewards courtesy of Epic Games.

This challenge will see players travelling around the island, as players must visit a giant beach umbrella and a huge rubber duck in a single match, but if you’re struggling to find them, or are looking for the quickest way to complete the challenge, our handy guide should help you out.

Epic Games
Epic Games
Players will need to visit a giant beach umbrella and a huge rubber duck.


Unlike other 14 Days of Summer challenges, this one must be completed in the same match, so if you manage to find a rubber duck but get eliminated before you make it to a giant umbrella, you’ll have to start the challenge again in your next match.

What makes this challenge even more difficult is the fact that the rubber duck moves in every match, as it sits on the river that cuts through the map near Neo Tilted and down towards Fatal Fields.

Thankfully though, the beach umbrellas don’t move, so if you’re looking for the locations for one of those, you can use our handy map which marks each one out for you.

Map showing where you can find the beach umbrellas in Fortnite.


Remember, the duck will continuously move from game to game, so don’t expect it to be in the last place you saw it when you get back into a match.

This is the 11th of 14 challenges that Epic have released this summer season, and if you missed any of the previous tasks laid out by the developers, you can use our 14 Days of Summer challenge hub to get caught up.

To tie in with the theme of this challenge, players who complete it will earn a special rubber duck back bling which they can proudly wear as they search for victory royales.