Fortnite's highest earner Bizzle threatens to quit the game completely after explosive rant

Ghost Gaming member Timothy ‘Counter-Strike after being eliminated during April 28’s Fortnite World Cup qualifiers.

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The qualifiers give all players an equal chance at making it to the Fortnite World Cup but it can result in some of the most frustrating moments for players as the stakes have never been higher.

We saw this happen with Bizzle, who is already qualified for the World Cup, as he went off on both Epic Games and Fortnite after going out early in a match.

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Epic GamesThe World Cup qualifiers are in full swing.

“I want to play fucking Counter-Strike”

Bizzle landed and grabbed only a pistol where he was then eliminated by an opposing player after Bizzle’s shots mostly all connected with an open door.

“I don’t want to fucking play this anymore,” he said. “Fuck you, Fortnite, fucking shit game. I can’t believe I play this game. I want to play fucking Counter-Strike. I’m going back to competitive Counter-Strike.”

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While this rant did come when emotions were running high, you can certainly tell the frustration is something he’s been trying to hold in.

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The reality of the situation is competitive Fortnite still has a long way to go. A lot of players compete because of the large sums of money being thrown around but it’s getting harder to find players who play because they genuinely enjoy Fortnite.

In fact, going into the World Cup qualifiers Bizzle was the top-earning Fortnite player.

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Players keep on holding out hope that Fortnite’s problems will be solved overnight but it looks like there is a long way to go for that to happen.

Epic GamesFortnite remains popular despite all the complaints.

Will pros quit after the World Cup?

There are rumblings that some of the pros could be leaving Fortnite completely after the World Cup finishes. Shroud claims that many players have told him privately that was going to be the case.

We still have a while to go before the World Cup wraps up and it’s entirely possible Fortnite will be in a better spot by the time it finishes. If the pros really do leave after the World Cup, however, Fortnite probably has a big problem on its hands.

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