Texas Roadhouse worker reveals why beloved peanut-throwing tradition ended

Lauren Lewis
Texas Roadhouse Peanut Tradition

A Texas Roadhouse worker went viral after sharing a video of peanuts scattered over the floor – sparking a debate on the longstanding tradition.

TikToker Brianna gained over 8 million views on TikTok after she showed the intense clear-up session she and her colleagues undertook after closing up. It was the end of the night, and workers could be seen sweeping up a ton of peanut shells off the floor. 

This is a long-established tradition at Texas Roadhouse, since the restaurant first opened in 1993. Complimentary peanuts were set out on every table for customers to enjoy with their meal, to enhance the dining experience.

Many of the commenters felt nostalgic upon watching the video, as the majority of Texas Roadhouse restaurants don’t abide by this custom anymore. 

“None of the Roadhouses do this anymore around me – it sucks, it just isn’t the same.”

“This was my fave thing about Texas Roadhouse as a kid lol,” one said, while another lamented, “I’m gonna cry, I miss Texas Roadhouse peanuts, ours doesn’t have them.”

However, others were glad that most stores don’t throw peanuts anymore, speaking of their allergies: “ So I’m allergic and I always thought this was an exaggeration but I’d definitely die walking in here LMAO.”

“As someone with a peanut allergy, I FINALLY am able to go in and eat at TR because there aren’t a bunch of peanuts all over the floor. I wish more people understood how awesome this feels,” another concurred. 

It turns out that this is a real concern for many, as peanut allergies have risen exponentially over the past 20 years, 3.5 fold, to be exact.

In terms of why most Texas Roadhouse establishments don’t provide peanuts anymore, this tradition seems to have fizzled out during the COVID-19 pandemic. Roadhouse workers on Reddit explained that ever since, most establishments simply hand out pre-packed peanuts to customers instead. 

Many workers explained that the tradition had stopped because of the sheer hassle of cleaning the peanut shells up, writing: “It’s a literal nightmare to clean up. We would give out two buckets, one with peanuts and the other for the shells.”

Despite this, as Brianna demonstrates in her video, some restaurants still hold true to the tradition. In a follow-up video, she responded to a comment claiming Roadhouse doesn’t serve peanuts anymore, as Brianna panned over to several tables with peanuts on them, saying “we do.”

Texas Roadhouse itself also maintains that this is still very much a thing, writing on its website: “They are a complimentary appetizer that is served to all customers. The peanuts are roasted and salted, and they are served in a paper bag. Customers are encouraged to throw the peanut shells on the floor. 

“Texas Roadhouse is known for its peanuts, and they are a part of the restaurant’s brand identity.”

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