Kellogg’s boycott explained: Why are people refusing to buy from the cereal brand?

Molly Byrne
kelloggs boycott

Cereal and snack fanatics began a movement to boycott Kellogg’s brand after their CEO spoke out about them lowering prices.

CEO of WK Kellogg Company, Gary Pilnick, joined CNBC for a segment of Squawk on the Street in late February.

There, he spoke about the rising costs of food. He also revealed Kellogg’s plan to lower the price of cereal to make it a more affordable option for dinner.

However, consumers took offense to his remarks and intentions after realizing Kellogg’s is likely going to inflate prices after people get hooked on cereal for dinner.

People are now boycotting the Kellogg’s brand and refusing to buy their products despite items being marked down in cost (for now).

TikTokers start a movement to “boycott” Kellogg’s brand 

Recently, TikToker Ash went to the grocery store. While there, she walked through the snacks and cereal aisles.

Though she noticed Kellogg’s cereals like Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes marked down to $2.99, Ash refused to buy from Kellogg’s brand after the CEO’s remarks.

Cereal wasn’t the only markdown, though, as snacks like Cheez-its and Skinny Popcorn were listed as 2/$6.00. Still, Ash wasn’t giving in.

“Nobody wants it,” Ash said as she filmed the aisles full of untouched Kellogg’s products. She hasn’t been the only customer to boycott the brand, though.

Another TikToker, Jerica, went as far as asking people to follow suit and boycott Kellogg’s despite their lower prices. “Boycott Kellogg, f*ck ‘em, she said.”

Multiple TikTokers also spoke out in Jerica’s comments section about how they, too, will be boycotting Kellogg’s. “Yes! TikTok spread the word,” wrote one user.

“Boycott Kellogg’s for good,” another added.

“Even with the markdown prices, why even bother going back to them after they showed us what they really think of us?” asked one user.

Though Kellogg’s and its CEO are under fire, only time will tell if their brand can withstand the boycott.