Cinnabon launches official ‘secret menu’ – here’s how to get it

Lauren Lewis
Secret menu Cinnabon

It might come as a surprise to discover that the secret menu at Cinnabon is the real deal, and it’s surprisingly pretty easy to order. 

Secret menus from some of your favorite fast food chains are a great way to spice up your regular order. They are often concocted by fast food workers and customers alike, combining unexpected ingredients to create culinary delights.

Back in March, we looked at some of the most popular secret menu items to order at Starbucks. These ranged from the unicorn frappuccino to the colorful lavender lemonade refresher.

Now, Cinnabon is joining in on the fun, and has unveiled an official ‘secret menu,’ that customers can order from.

This includes a total of four items:

  • TurtleBon: Topped with drippy caramel, rich Ghirardelli chocolate sauce and pecans, TurtleBon is a sweet and nutty treat.
  • Caramel Lover: Caramel frosting and caramel sauce make this bon irresistible for the serious caramel lover.
  • OREO Bon: Rich Ghirardelli chocolate sauce and OREO pieces make for an insanely chocolatey, crunchy treat.
  • Cookie BonBite Sandwich: Our signature cream cheese frosting sandwiched between two Cookie BonBites.

To order these sweet treats, download the Cinnabon app, and visit the ‘secret menu’ section where these desserts will be available.

With the app, you can also start to collect points, and as the website states: “You’ll earn points toward free Cinnabon with every purchase. So basically, the more you treat yourself to your Cinnabon favorites, the more rewards you’ll get.”

Cinnabon isn’t the only fast food chain that’s famous for having a secret menu. We looked at some of previous McDonald’s employees’ secret menu hacks, revealing some mouthwatering creations. 

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