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Strongman Eddie Hall attempts insane Navy Seal Fitness Test

Published: 5/Sep/2020 10:39

by Andy Williams


Former World’s Strongest Man turned boxer, Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall, took on one his most daunting challenges to-date with Gymshark’s Ross Edgley — and the results are quite surprising.

In terms of feats of strength, Eddie Hall has done it all. After winning World’s Strongest Man 2017, and breaking both the deadlift and axle press world records, Eddie has turned his hand to the sport of boxing.

With a super-heavyweight clash between Eddie and Iceland’s Hafthor ‘The Mountain’ Bjornsson on the cards, Hall has been taking on new challenges with his training, in a bid to shed some pounds and become a lot fitter in the process.

With that in mind, Hall paired up with arguably one of the fittest humans on the planet in Ross Edgley. Ross has an impressive portfolio by his own accord — swam around the UK in 157 days, climbed a rope the height of Mount Everest (8,848 meters) and ran a marathon pulling a car — but the Navy Seal Fitness Test is a different ball game altogether.

Eddie Hall deadlifting 500 kg for his world record in 2016.
Eddie Hall (YouTube)
After reaching the pinnacle of strength sports, Eddie is trading in the bar for gloves.

Eddie Hall is a Navy Seal?

The Navy Seal Fitness Test (NSFT) is a tried and tested way of filtering out those fit enough to endure the arduous training involved with becoming a Navy Seal.

In terms of the bare minimum, prospective Seals are expected to be able to perform five basic physical tasks to determine whether they have what it takes. These are:

  • 500-yard Swim (in 12:30 mins or less).
  • Minimum of 50 push-ups in two minutes.
  • Minimum of 50 sit-ups in two minutes.
  • Minimum of 10 pull-ups in two minutes.
  • 1.5-mile run (in 10:30 mins or less).

And while Eddie was no doubt out of his comfort zone with a more endurance-based challenge, he chalked up some impressive results nonetheless.

After breezing past the minimum standard in the push-up test, Eddie scraped through the sit-up and pull-up test by just hitting the pass mark. But it was the 1.5-mile run that was to be the strongman’s demise, as he failed to hit the minimum standard, by clocking in with 11:27 mins — still impressive for a 26st 1lb / 366 lbs man.

But after failing to hit the mark on the run, Hall eased his way through the 500-yard swim, with an incredible time of 9:50 mins. Although, the strongman had a slight edge here, given that he swam at an elite level for Great Britain during his youth.

Nonetheless, given that Eddie managed to pass 4/5 of the events, it’s obvious that his work in preparation for his bout with The Mountain is paying dividends.


Shroud explains why xQc’s Twitch ban “doesn’t mean anything”

Published: 19/Nov/2020 7:28 Updated: 19/Nov/2020 7:47

by Andrew Amos


Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek played a big role in bringing attention to Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel stream sniping during the Glitchcon Twitch Rivals Fall Guys event. However, the star streamer believed the French-Canadian’s ban “doesn’t mean anything.”

Twitch legend xQc has been banned from the platform for seven days after complaints were raised about the French-Canadian stream sniping during a Twitch Rivals event.

He was called out by shroud and a host of other streamers for allegedly targeting their lobbies during the event. However, Grzesiek believes that at the end of the day, Twitch suspending xQc “doesn’t mean anything.”

Shroud initially thought xQc was going to escape the ban hammer after a lack of community outrage. Once the suspension was handed down though, the fact it was temporary meant xQc has the chance to come back “stronger than ever.” He also drew parallels to Dr Disrespect’s bathroom ban after E3 2019.

“I actually didn’t think he was going to get banned. A lot of people were saying it was blown out of proportion. I think it was the opposite ⁠— I thought it wasn’t blown up enough, and I thought Twitch was just going to let it slide,” shroud admitted on his November 18 stream.

“Getting banned doesn’t mean anything. Dr Disrespect got banned for a month for streaming in a bathroom. He came back stronger than ever.”

Shroud explained that, as a big streamer, getting banned can be the “best case scenario.” After all, it’s just a forced vacation if it’s not a permanent ban. Once you’ve done the time, you get to go back to work.

“I strive to never get banned. If I did get banned, would I really care though? Probably not, because getting banned doesn’t really do anything. You take a little vacation, and you come back swinging,” he said.

“It’s weird how getting banned for a big streamer is a best case scenario, which basically makes zero sense. Twitch can’t really change the rules of how someone gets banned based off their top streamers, it’s not really fair. I’m just happy they’re keeping it consistent.”

The FPS star reserved his judgment about whether the ban was too harsh or too light. However, he did double down on his statement stating xQc’s stream sniping was “Twitch history.”

“A lot of people thought I was trolling when I said ‘this was Twitch history’. No big Twitch partner has done something like that before. The only people who stream-snipe are non-partners and then they get perma-banned and that’s it. I bet you Twitch didn’t even know what to do.”

xQc was also forced to give up his prize money from GlitchCon, and has been banned from competing in Twitch Rivals events for six months. The streamer apologized to his fans, stating “I thought it would be funny… it did not change the outcome but it was still malicious.”

xQc will be unbanned on November 24.