New Final Fantasy 7 Bring Arts figures go up for pre-order ahead of Rebirth

Joel Loynds
final fantasy 7 figures of characters from left to right: cid, vincent, yuffie, cait sith

Square Enix has launched four new Final Fantasy VII figures into the Bring Arts line and they’re now up for pre-order.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is hotly approaching and Square Enix is going all out for the launch. Joining its Bring Arts line, four more members of the Final Fantasy VII cast are now available.

Previous entries to the Bring Arts series of figures included Final Fantasy VII mainstay Cloud, Tifa, and Sephiroth. This time, the wider party is getting time to shine. This includes Yuffie, Cait Sith, Cid, and Vincent.

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The figures are available from major retailers, including Square Enix itself. However, they can be found for much cheaper through Hobby Link Japan. HLJ currently has them for $95.89, while Square’s store is listing them for $120. That’s a significant saving.

Each figure is between 1.5-inches and 3-inches, depending on the character. They’re all posable, as well as featuring a chunkier aesthetic compared to Square’s other figure line, Play Arts.

Yuffie, Vincent, Cait Sith & Cid get spotlight treatment with new FF7 Bring Arts figures

final fantasy 7 characters as figures, cid, vincent, yuffie

Square plans to release this batch of Final Fantasy VII Bring Arts figures in January 2025, nearly a year from now. As the other batches are still in the process of being put together and shipped, this was to be expected.

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Stores won’t charge you until the figures ship, so be sure to plan ahead if you pre-order them.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is set to release at the end of the month, February 29, exclusively on the PlayStation 5. Its inevitable PC version could be another year away before it launches, similar to how Remake was released.

Yuffie was recently the focus of the Integrade downloadable content, which bridged the gap in the narrative. However, despite the ramping up of remakes around Final Fantasy, Vincent’s solo game, Dirge of Cerberus doesn’t appear to be considered as of yet.

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