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New FUT Stadium customization in FIFA 21: pyrotechnics, chants, more

Published: 11/Aug/2020 0:26

by Albert Petrosyan


FIFA 21 is set to bring a lot of upgrades and improvements to FUT Ultimate Team, including a whole new wave of customization options with which players can make their home stadium completely their own.

Once again we are in the middle of the annual FIFA reveal hype train, during which EA SPORTS unveil new features and changes for their upcoming title that year.


The highly-anticipated FIFA 21 Ultimate Team reveal came on August 10, and one of this year’s new additions will be a lot more customization options when it comes to home stadiums.

Of course, EA began implementing arena customization in FIFA 20, with the likes of tifos, themes, and badges, but it looks like the devs are going to make an even bigger leap in 2021.

EA SPORTSA whole new level of stadium customization is coming in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team FUT.

FUT Stadiums

There will be three levels of how in-depth players will be able to go when designing how their stadium will look, feel, and sound.

  1. FUT Stadium: An ultra-modern starting point for your team in FUT 21. Choose your anthem, pick seat colors, and decide how your fans celebrate your team’s goals as you build your club’s atmosphere.
  2. FUT Challengers Stadium: Intensify your stadium’s atmosphere with the Challengers expansion. Add new Tifos to make your ground a daunting place for away teams, and showcase the way you play with more Pitch Trophies.
  3. FUT Champions Stadium: Put your Club on the global stage with the Champions expansion that extends your FUT Stadium to its full capacity. Rivaling some of the world’s biggest footballing cauldrons, steep-sided stands, and full control of every detail of the match experience combine to make FUT Champions Stadium an intimidating home for your team to showcase its biggest achievements.

“Make it yours”

Your Style

FIFA 21 will be taking pitch customization to a whole new level, as players will be able to inject their own style and personality into their home arena. For the first time, clubs will have nicknamers used with in-game commentary, in addition to “endless combinations” of crests, dressings, banners, custom kits, and more.

EA SPORTSFIFA 21 will give players control of which trophies to display in their FUT Ultimate Team Stadiums.

Your Stands

This level of customization will be more in-depth than ever before, giving users the power to choose pitch mow patterns, the colors of goal nets, stadium paint, and seat colors. This comes in addition to the tifos and themes that were already in FIFA 20.


Furthermore, EA have confirmed that new “special rarity” purple cards will be added in for “harder to earn stadium customization items.”

Your Celebration

Anthems and crowd chants are cultural aspects of almost every professional football club around the world and FIFA 21 will allow Ultimate Team players to apply that to their own home arenas.

Users will have chants, anthems, celebrations, goal music, pyrotechnic displays, and more to choose from when designing their stadium, so expect a lot of unique combinations when you step on an opposing team’s pitch.

EA SPORTSPlayers will be able to customize a lot more stadium features in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team FUT.

Meaningful Moments

EA already use how well players perform in real-life football matches to determine whether or not one deserves a special item and with what rating boosts.

Now, in FUT 21, this will also be taken to the next step with ‘Meaningful Moments,’ where a standout real-life moment such as a perfect free kick, long-rage strike, or strong header will be captured and applied as a boost to the player’s according stats.


For example, if Trent Alexander-Arnold hits another one of his signature free kicks, then EA will upgrade his FK. Accuracy in-game stat as a result.

FIFA 21 will be releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 9, 2020, with preorders kicking off on August 14. There is no set date yet for when the game will be out on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

FIFA 21 Ones to Watch Team 2 countdown: OTW release time & players

Published: 14/Oct/2020 18:25 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 18:27

by David Purcell


Excitement is building around the release of FIFA 21 Ones to Watch Team 2, so let’s take a look at the confirmed player list for the promo and when they will be added to FUT packs in Ultimate Team. 

Transferring to another team builds hype for the fans of every football club in the higher divisions, but it also opens up the opportunity of having their OTW special card in FUT 21 as well. These items see their OVR rating improve over time, depending on how many times they feature in Team of the Week.


As usual, by the time Ones to Watch cards have rolled out, only a handful of TOTW sets will have been released.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at when the current set exits packs and when the second team – which has already been confirmed by EA SPORTS – will replace them.


FIFA 21 OTW Team 2

The second Ones to Watch (OTW) squad in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

EA confirmed the second OTW squad on October 14; here are all of the players that will be included.

  • Thiago – 85 – Bayern Munich to Liverpool
  • Kai Havertz – 85 – Leverkusen to Chelsea
  • Leroy Sane – 85 – Manchester City to Bayern Munich
  • Arthur – 84 – FC Barcelona to Juventus
  • Nelson Semedo – 83 – FC Barcelona to Wolves
  • Rodrigo – 82 – Valencia to Leeds (prediction)
  • Vidal – 83 – FC Barcelona to Inter Milan
  • Ferran Torres – 81 – Valencia to Manchester City
  • Donny van de Beek – 83 – Ajax to Manchester United
  • Florenzi – 81 – Roma to PSG
  • David – 77 – Gent to Lille

There were a total of 11 players featured in Ones to Watch Team 1, so we’re expecting a similar amount to drop this time. Alongside this will likely be SBC content, so keep an eye out for that.

Rodrigo FIFA 21
The speedy Rodrigo would be a popular choice for FIFA 21 Ones to Watch Team 2.

FIFA 21 Ones to Watch Team 2 release date & time

Now that Team 1 has had its chance in FUT packs, it’s time for it to make way for Team 2. The confirmed dates for the second rollout of this promo are as follows:

  • October 16-21: OTW Team 2
  • October 21 onwards: OTW Teams 1 and 2

That means Ones to Watch Team 2 is coming out on October 16, at 6pm BST (11am PDT / 12pm EDT / 5am AEDT). If you have any packs waiting to be opened, perhaps from Objectives rewards or from buying them with FIFA Points, it will be worth waiting for.

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