Leaked FIFA 20 file hints at new Gabriel Batistuta FUT icon card

Published: 9/Mar/2020 11:45

by Connor Bennett


FIFA 20 Ultimate Team players might soon have the chance to grab legendary Argentine strike Gabriel Batistuta – better known as Batigol – as an icon card after he appeared in a leaked tifo. 

The Icon cards in FIFA Ultimate Team pay homage to some of the greatest players to ever lace up a pair of boots. FIFA 20 already has Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo, and Roberto Carlos, but since the game launched back in September, others have been added. 

Legendary Argentine midfielder Juan Roman Riquelme was introduced alongside the all-new CONMEBOL content on March 3, with a leaked file for the in-game tifos revealing that he could be joined by a former teammate of his in the form of Batigol.

Riquleme joined the roster of FIFA 20 icon cards alongside the new CONMEBOL content.

The striker’s apparent celebration tifo was uncovered by FIFA AllStars on Twitter, claiming that the stadium cosmetic was in the game’s files. 

Like a few other player tifos, it shows Batistuta pulling off one of his celebration for Fiorentina – though there aren’t any sponsors or logos on the kit, just that it is a similar purple color to the iconic Italian club.

With the uncovering of this file, FIFA fans have quickly speculated about the possibility of the legendary striker being added as an Icon card in FUT – though there is no way to tell either way just yet. 

Player-specific tifos can usually be found in Career Mode matches, with Crystal Palace having a similar one for Ian Wright during a select number of their home matches.

It is pretty plausible to suggest that Batigol would be added as an icon seeing as EA has already added Riqulemen as a part of their CONMEBOL content. The Argentine forward would present another option for players looking to build some pretty high-powered teams.

It would also give fans the chance to pair him with compatriot Lionel Messi, which would be a pretty deadly partnership.


West Ham’s Declan Rice reveals his epic FIFA 21 Ultimate Team XI on TikTok

Published: 19/Jan/2021 12:41

by Jacob Hale


West Ham’s star centre midfielder Declan Rice has taken to TikTok to show off his FIFA 21 Ultimate Team starting XI, and it’s stacked with top ICONs and Premier League peers.

In their downtime, many top football players like to take to their consoles to play FIFA, unable to get away from the pitch whether it’s online or in real life.

Rice has become a huge fan-favorite at West Ham in recent years, a holding midfielder that shows promise far beyond what the East London club is commonly associated with, and seems to have built his dream squad around him.

Many top Premier League stars have shown off their top-tier FUT teams in the past, with the likes of Diogo Jota revealing his team as arguably the best FIFA player in the league.

Declan Rice player of the year west ham
Instagram: declanrice
Declan Rice has become a huge asset to West Ham.

While Rice is mainly known for his skills on the pitch, as one of the most sought-after players among top Premier League sides, he’s managed to put together a top team in FIFA 21 too.

Placing himself alongside some of the biggest legends of the game, here’s how Declan Rice’s FUT 21 team lines up:

  • GK: Edwin Van der Sar (89)
  • RB: Trent Alexander-Arnold (87)
  • CB: Kyle Walker (86)
  • CB: Virgil Van Dijk (90)
  • LB: Roberto Carlos (88)
  • CDM: Declan Rice (99)
  • CDM: Ruud Gullit (90)
  • CAM: Ronaldo (94)
  • CAM: Eusebio (91)
  • CAM: Pele (94)
  • ST: Neymar (91)

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While the team has a very high rating across the board, there are some somewhat unorthodox picks.

Walker at CB seems a bit rogue, and you won’t often see that in top teams, while you would normally expect to see Ronaldo occupying that striker spot that Rice currently plays Neymar in. In fact, Mbappe on the bench proves Rice might want to have a look at his formation so he can get the French starlet in.

That said, it’s still a valuable team and definitely capable of wiping out opponents with ease — though we’d have to see how Rice himself plays to really judge that.