Leaked FIFA 20 file hints at new Gabriel Batistuta FUT icon card

EA Sports/Facebook: FUTBible

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team players might soon have the chance to grab legendary Argentine strike Gabriel Batistuta – better known as Batigol – as an icon card after he appeared in a leaked tifo. 

The Icon cards in FIFA Ultimate Team pay homage to some of the greatest players to ever lace up a pair of boots. FIFA 20 already has Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo, and Roberto Carlos, but since the game launched back in September, others have been added. 

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Legendary Argentine midfielder Juan Roman Riquelme was introduced alongside the all-new CONMEBOL content on March 3, with a leaked file for the in-game tifos revealing that he could be joined by a former teammate of his in the form of Batigol.

Riquleme joined the roster of FIFA 20 icon cards alongside the new CONMEBOL content.

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The striker’s apparent celebration tifo was uncovered by FIFA AllStars on Twitter, claiming that the stadium cosmetic was in the game’s files. 

Like a few other player tifos, it shows Batistuta pulling off one of his celebration for Fiorentina – though there aren’t any sponsors or logos on the kit, just that it is a similar purple color to the iconic Italian club.

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With the uncovering of this file, FIFA fans have quickly speculated about the possibility of the legendary striker being added as an Icon card in FUT – though there is no way to tell either way just yet. 

Player-specific tifos can usually be found in Career Mode matches, with Crystal Palace having a similar one for Ian Wright during a select number of their home matches.

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It is pretty plausible to suggest that Batigol would be added as an icon seeing as EA has already added Riqulemen as a part of their CONMEBOL content. The Argentine forward would present another option for players looking to build some pretty high-powered teams.

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It would also give fans the chance to pair him with compatriot Lionel Messi, which would be a pretty deadly partnership.