How to complete Roussillon & Coman Summer Heat Objectives in FIFA 20

Bill Cooney
Coman and Roussillon FIFA 20 Summer Heat objective cards

EA SPORTS have released new sets of Objectives for two more French players – Kingsley Coman and Jerome Roussillon in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

The Summer Heat promo continues to be the event that keeps on giving in FUT 20, with another pair of untradeable cards made available for players to grind for and unlock. The first is a 93-rated Kingsley Coman, along with a 92-rated Jerome Roussillon, which are both available from Objectives.

Coman & Roussillon Summer Heat in-game stats

Starting with Coman, this card has everything you could want from a left mid, 95 dribbling and 96 pace should allow him to keep the ball and outrun most comparable cards with a 98 acceleration. 92 shooting means he’ll be a threat anytime he makes it near the box as well.

The only downside here is a lackluster 40 defending, with only 31 in interceptions, and 28 slide tackle. If you run him as an attacking midfielder though, this stat shouldn’t have to rear its ugly head too often.

Finally, a four-star skill moves stat is the icing on the cake for this highly decent 93-rated card that should go very well with the high dribbling and shooting.

Coman FIFA 20 Summer Heat Card in-game stats
The in-game stats for Kingsley Coman’s Summer Heat Objectives card in FIFA 20 FUT.

On to Roussillon, who doesn’t reach all the way into the 90s in anything except for a killer 97 pace. 98 sprint speed and 94 acceleration will allow him to chase down almost any attacker who manages to break through your defenses.

For a defensive-focused player, the 72 rated shooting isn’t half-bad at all. 69 finishing isn’t anything to write home about, but an 83 shot power means those balls will have some oomph behind them, when and if Roussillon ever makes it to the other side of the pitch.

Three stars in both skill moves and weak foot aren’t especially impressive either but paired with his 87 passing and 90 dribbling, it should allow him to securely move the ball quickly out of harm’s way.

Jerome Roussillon Summer Heat objectives stats
The in-game stats for Jerome Roussillon’s Summer Heat Objectives card in FIFA 20 FUT.

Coman Summer Heat Objectives

There are four Objectives that you’ll have to complete in order to unlock this card, and they all have to be done in Division Rivals, so expect there to be a good amount of resistance as others are also looking to do them.

As per usual, each challenge has its own Pack and XP rewards, so you might end up making a nice profit if you get lucky and pull a rare one out.

  • Skillful Setup – Assist in two separate Rivals matches using players with minimum four-star Skill Moves.
  • Complete Quickness – Score and Assist in the same Rivals match using players with minimum 92 PAC.
  • Goals in Germany – Score 10 goals in Rivals using Bundesliga players.
  • French Finisher – Score in five separate Rivals wins using French players.
Kingsley Coman in FIFA 20
Nab this Kingsley Coman card by completing the challenges above, and you might even see the Frenchman crack a smile.

Roussillon Summer Heat Objectives

As with Coman, there are four objectives to complete in order to unlock this card. These can be completed in Division Rivals, but they can also be done in Squad Battles matches with a minimum of Professional difficulty, so you might see less resistance when unlocking this one.

  • Defensive Delivery – Assist in two separate Squad Battles matches on minimum Professional difficulty (or Rivals) using Defenders.
  • Weak Foot Wisdom – Assist with a Cross in three separate Squad Battles matches on minimum Professional difficulty (or Rivals) using players with maximum three-star Weak Foot.
  • French Finery – Score 15 goals in Squad Battles on minimum Professional difficulty (or Rivals) using French players.
  • Bundesliga Battler – Score in six Squad Battles wins on minimum Professional difficulty (or Rivals) using Bundesliga players.

If you want to add both players to your squad, you’ll want to act fast because both objective challenges are only around for the next week, until Friday, July 17.