FIFA 21 Pro Clubs adds AI customization, but there’s a catch

FIFA 21 Pro Clubs imageEA SPORTS

EA SPORTS have finally unveiled the biggest changes they have made with FIFA 21 Pro Clubs, and at first glance it might seem like the new customization tools are perfect, although something appears to be missing. 

The game developers tweeted the pitch notes out on August 11. The mode was not afforded the same hype as others, though, as there was no buildup, no countdown reveal stream, and an absence of a trailer running through the tweaks made.

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Instead, a whole load of information dropped right onto their official website. So, let’s run through those changes quickly.

FIFA 21 Pro Clubs pitch notes: What’s changing?

AI customisation

Every wondered why you had to deal with the same AI players year in, year out? You’re not alone.

Here’s how AI customization will look in Pro Clubs.

In FIFA 21, you will be able to edit a load of things about each person on the park, meaning you could actually build a full team of players named after stars of Barcelona, Liverpool, or whoever. The full list of possible customizable features can be found below:

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  • Kit Number
  • DOB
  • Preferred foot
  • Face
  • Skin tone
  • Eyes
  • Brows
  • Nose
  • Mouth
  • Ears
  • Hair/Facial hair
  • Kit fit
  • Accessories
  • Animations

There is one thing that you won’t be able to customize, though, and that’s the height of each person. This will be a real blow for the community if we end up with small defenders on the pitch and tall wingers, devoid of pace.

FIFA 21 batch of celebrations

Here are the first few celebrations that have been confirmed in the Pro Clubs pitch notes.

FIFA 21 Pro Clubs celebrationsEA SPORTS
Celebrations have been a big talking point pre-release, with EA removing many due to “toxicity” concerns – like the shush.

Full list of confirmed celebrations below:

  • One Eye
  • Point to Sky
  • Ice Skating
  • Golf Swing
  • Matador
  • Dance 2
  • Dance 3
  • Chest Thump
  • The Salute
  • Elbow
  • Show Respect
  • Big Man
  • Baby Girl

New tactics options

Pro Clubs has always lagged behind other modes in terms of the tactical side of the game. This year, that appears to be changing.

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FIFA 21 Pro Clubs tacticsEA SPORTS
Tactically, things look set to improve.

In an official statement, EA said: “Club Managers can now customize up to five preset tactics which can be found in another new tile under the ‘Manage’ section in Pro Clubs. Each preset tactic can have all five game plans customized (Ultra Defensive, Defensive, Balanced, Attacking, Ultra Attacking).”

The Pro Clubs menus will therefore include both an AI Players customization area, as well as a Tactics page – accessible to club managers. These instructions will impact your team’s play style, just like they do in Career Mode and Ultimate Team.

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This isn’t all that EA SPORTS are announcing on Pro Clubs, stating more is to follow, but whether it’s an encouraging step or not we’ll leave to you to decide. For more FIFA 21 news, guides, and leaks follow us on Twitter @UltimateTeamUK. 

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