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FIFA 20 Career Mode bug turns shortlisted players into pitch invaders

Published: 7/Sep/2020 16:17

by Joe Craven


An absolutely bizarre FIFA 20 bug has surfaced, seeing shortlisted players become hilarious pitch invaders in subsequent Career Mode matches. 

Fans of the FIFA series will be no stranger to bizarre bugs and glitches, the likes of which have been as prevalent in FIFA 20 as ever. Despite being an annual release, developers appear to have certain issues when it comes to ironing out unwanted issues.

Of course, bugs and glitches vary in size, from minor visual inconsistencies through to goals registering completely incorrectly.

This one, while not necessarily game-breaking, is certainly one of the most insane we’ve ever seen.

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Career Mode bug in FIFA 20

Any Career Mode players will know about adding prospective signings to your shortlist as a manager. It allows you to keep tabs on potential signings, without making any financial commitments.


However, one Redditor discovered a truly bizarre glitch, relating to players recently added to a manager’s shortlist.

User mopatel03 realized that, after shortlisting Watford winger Ismaila Sarr, he made a stationary appearance in every subsequent match. The figure of Sarr is truly bizarre, simply stood still around the halfway line as play rattles on around him.

Shortlisted Ismailla Sarr in career mode and now he stands on the field every game from r/FIFA

One Redditor joked that “he wants to know what sort of club he’s gonna be coming to obviously,” but the glitch is clearly less than ideal. Sarr could potentially obstruct attacking play.

EA are yet to respond to the glitch, but many FIFA fans doubted that a fix will be implemented given how late into FIFA 20’s life cycle we are. Regardless, it’s one of the funnier and more bizarre issues we’ve ever seen.


FIFA 21 is set to release on October 9, with various special editions releasing slightly earlier.