EA finally respond to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Hero pack error

Tim Cahill Hero next to FIFA 23 logoEA Sports

EA have finally broken their silence regarding the mistakenly released FIFA 23 Ultimate Team guaranteed Hero Packs which temporarily crashed the FUT market on October 8. 

The mistaken release of a tradeable, guaranteed FUT Hero pack in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has been a major topic in recent days. 

Although the pack was only live for a few minutes, the market was flooded with incredibly valuable cards acquired for a fraction of their value.

There are suspicions that EA purchased all the Heros to make amends for the gaff but, with plenty of players making or losing huge amounts of coins, there have been widespread demands for answers from the devs. 

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While an official EA response from a specific FIFA account has still not materialized, an official EA account has broken the company’s silence on the matter. 

EA respond following FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Hero pack error

When questioned about FIFA Points by a disgruntled player, the official EA Help account responded to offer some answers. 

On the topic of the FUT Hero pack mistake, the player in question commented that there had been “no news” about “compensation”, to which EA responded: “And the Hero pack issue was also fixed with no plans to offer any make good. -Bob”.

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No details were provided about the exact form of the “fix”, but we can assume it’s in reference to removing them from the market (although it’s not been confirmed that EA purchased the Hero cards) and removing the packs from the Store. 

The news that no compensation is anticipated disappointed many players, even if it didn’t come as a particular shock given the days of silence that have followed the controversy. 

One player said: “EA is a company with zero integrity. How is it possible to make so many monumental mistakes and sweep them under the carpet?”

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Another commented: “What an absolute joke, a lot of us spend a lot of money on fifa points and you go and make a mistake which causes our players to drop dramatically in value.”

Regardless of the ongoing player complaints, EA do not appear to be considering a compensation scheme for Ultimate Team players, whether directly or indirectly affected by the pack’s release.