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Crazy FIFA 20 bug spawns goal kick on the roof of the net

Published: 16/Apr/2020 16:20

by Joe Craven


One FIFA 20 player has shared their experience of a bizarre Ultimate Team bug, which prevented them from being able to take a goal kick on account of the ball spawning on top of the net. 

As FIFA 20 bugs go, the overwhelming majority are minor, with little impact on players’ matches. Some, however, are potentially game breaking.

These include an Ultimate Team issue that saw players able to score ‘ghost goals’ and a truly bizarre bug that replaced Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood with a female player donning the Red Devils’ kit.

Mason Greenwood in FIFA 20
Some bugs have focused on specific players.

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On April 16, Reddit user and FIFA 20 player ‘Sno_Jon’ shared their clip from a Division Rival match, in which the ball bizarrely spawned on the roof of the player’s net for a goal kick.


The FIFA fan is obviously confused by the bug, before they accept their fate and proceed to take the goal kick.

Somewhat strangely, the game acknowledges the ball’s location and the goalkeeper kicks the net, causing the ball to fall pathetically into the player’s own penalty area.

You think scripting is bad, how about this! The ball spawned on top of the fucking goal! from r/FIFA

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The opposition striker then slots the balls home, as the player’s keeper avoids the ball because he cannot re-touch it after taking the goal kick. It is one massive mess.

While funny to the neutral, the FIFA fan revealed that they had subsequently rage quit the match, which is not hard to understand given the circumstances.


EA has not responded to the crazy clip, but will probably be looking for a fix given the severity of the issue.