A new potentially game-breaking glitch has been found in FIFA 19 Pro Clubs

. 4 years ago

A new game-breaking glitch has been discovered in FIFA 19’s Pro Clubs mode.

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The goal kick mechanics have changed a lot this year with the new camera angle, but this exploit just seems unfair.

When the ball is kicked, the fullbacks from the defending team don’t go with the opposing strikers and the kicking team ends up with a free shot on net.

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Because there are no offsides calls on goal kicks, the AI defenders should shade the striker all over the pitch, but they seem lost around midfield.

The glitch was posted by Gfinity Community Manager and Commentator Chris Trout on his Twitter.

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It wasn’t just an isolated incident, in the same game that team was able to do it at least one more time.

It is not immediately clear how to do the glitch and tutorials for it aren’t readily available, but people in Trout’s replies say they have been using and abusing the glitch.

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This glitch may also be part of a larger issue with AI defenders pulling forward and giving up easy goals on counter attacks.

While Trout only said he is aware of the glitch working in the Pro Clubs mode, this glitch may be able to be exploited in other FIFA 19 modes as well.

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