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Mediatonic confirms Fall Guys crossplay in the works: everything we know

Published: 13/Aug/2020 8:34 Updated: 17/Aug/2020 11:02

by Brad Norton


Fall Guys launched across both PC and the PlayStation 4 but more platforms could soon be added to the mix with crossplay even in the works as well, the developers have confirmed.

Fall Guys has quickly shot to the top of the charts as one of the most played indie games of the year. The bombastic 60 player game boasts dozens of unique mini-games that provide a great amount of replayability. Opting for the season pass format, it’s clear that developers Mediatonic plan to support the new release long into the future.


While a mobile port is certainly something that they’re looking into, the team has been overwhelmed by demands from all angles. Whether it’s new levels, cosmetics, or ways to play, the community has been vocal about what should come next.

Some of these features have already leaked in the game’s files, though one key element hadn’t quite been discussed until now. Could crossplay soon be on the horizon for Fall Guys? 

Will crossplay be coming soon to Fall Guys?

Fall Guys gameplay
Fall Guys might soon be able to team up regardless of what platform they’re on.

The charming video game launched on August 4 for those on PC and the PS4. If you’re playing on one side of the equation, there’s currently no way to mix with the other. That means the player bases are entirely separate for now. Not only that, but progress does not carry over between the two instances of the game.


Could this all be about to change? Well, crossplay is “a big thing” that the dev team at Mediatonic is “definitely looking into,” Game Designer Joe Walsh confirmed during the MinnMaxShow.

“Fall Guys is about bringing people together to play wholesome games. It makes sense that crossplay is a part of that,” he said. The new release has already captivated more than 2 million players on Steam alone and countless more on console thanks to the PlayStation Plus launch. The door appears open for Fall Guys to hobble and jump towards new platforms and continue its huge success.

The relevant topic begins at the 21:45 mark.


When can fans expect crossplay in Fall Guys?

While crossplay is now confirmed to be in the works for Fall Guys, there’s no telling when it might arrive. The developers have been overwhelmed by the launch. Even needing to pull the servers offline at times to accommodate millions of players. With efforts focused on that front, along with designing all-new content, crossplay could be a ways off.

Walsh teased the idea of limited time playlists, fresh new modes for Season Two, and plenty more. But he wasn’t quite ready to provide a solid release window for crossplay functionality. 

Fall Guys gameplay
Fall Guys could soon be making the jump to other platforms as well.

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks as the first season comes to a close. Not only are new cosmetics a given, but all-new modes, playlists, and more all appear to be on the horizon.