Fall Guys warns players over mobile version scam on YouTube

Fall Guys Mobile scamDevolver Digital

Fall Guys players looking to catch the popular game on mobile have been warned by developers, as scams are starting to appear on YouTube. 

The game’s dev team might usually be a right laugh on Twitter, roasting big Twitch streamers like TimTheTatman for not picking up results. However, on a much more serious note, they have informed their bustling community about a problem not many people will want to walk into.

Some of these scam videos have racked up over half a million views as well, with players pining for an app that simply does not exist.

Fall Guys mobile scams appear on YouTube

Fall Guys PS4 with logoDevolver Digital/Mediatonic
Fall Guys hasn’t been confirmed for a mobile release just yet. Some have been led to believe otherwise, though.

On August 17, their official account put jokes to one side for a moment, confirming that the title was only available on PC and PlayStation 4. Despite some ads saying otherwise, it is not yet a mobile game.

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They said: Fall Guys is only available on PC & PS4. If you see any ads for a mobile version they are scams.”

Following on from that, they decided to roast what the scammers were doing to draw eyes to their content. The screenshot included in the tweet shows why people are being reeled in as well, with the Fall Guys logo printed onto an iPhone device, suggesting it’s on iOS.

This scam video in particular links players to a website called fallguysmobile.com, which is not affiliated with the game’s developers whatsoever. The official website is in fact FallGuys.com, which shows as soon as you enter the home page that it’s just on one console and PC for now.

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Whether that will change in the future remains to be seen, but until we get official confirmation of its arrival on iOS and Android, probably best avoiding this type of clickbait video for now.