TimTheTatman loses Fall Guys bet to F1 driver Lando Norris

Lando Norris and TimTheTatman on TwitchTwitch: TimTheTatman / Lando Norris

TimTheTatman’s struggles on Fall Guys just keep piling up, as he’s now lost his bet with F1 driver and fellow Twitch streamer Lando Norris over who would get a crown first.

Despite being one of the biggest streamers on the platform and a veteran of gaming, Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar has been unable to secure a single win in Fall Guys since the game released.

As the days went on, his fans, the developers, and the internet at large has taken notice, and now everyone is waiting impatiently for him to finally get a win.

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In an attempt to heat things up, Lando Norris challenged Tim to a simple wager.

Fall Guys See Saw levelMediatonic/Devolver Digital
Everyone’s been playing Fall Guys – but not everyone’s been winning.

First guy to win a crown in @FallGuysGame has to give 100 subs to the winner,” Lando said, and Tim agreed, responding: “I’m getting a win tomorrow.”

Full of confidence, Lando got to work immediately. Although you could argue he gave himself a headstart, it’s not like Tim hasn’t been trying for days on end.

And, it didn’t take Lando anywhere near as long as his rival. The driver who doubles as a Twitch streamer netted his first crown within 14 hours of the bet being placed.

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At the time Lando posted about his, Tim hadn’t started streaming yet, so it’s going to be another day of playing catch up to almost everyone else, who already have a win.

When he does start streaming though, he’s going to have to head over to Norris’ channel and admit defeat, gifting 100 subs to his viewers, at a cost of $500.

Thankfully, Tim will easily make his money back with his own stream, which has boomed in viewership thanks to his ongoing failure in Fall Guys. He peaked at over 140,000 live concurrent viewers for his August 18 stream, and the numbers are likely to keep going up, the longer it takes to get a win.

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So, while the constant roasting he’s getting all over social media might be winding him up, it’s had its benefits too.

You can keep up with his progress towards getting his first crown here.

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