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Top 10 biggest scandals in CSGO history: Cheating, match fixing

Published: 20/Mar/2021 18:00 Updated: 22/Mar/2021 10:13

by Ava Thompson-Powell


Counter-Strike has had its fair share of controversies along the way. Be it game-breaking exploits or outright hacking, there are many littered in CSGO’s history books.

With some of these exploits even ending in a career-ending ban hammer, the scene is peppered with some juicy moments.

Because of CSGO’s size, any of these that pop up usually send shockwaves across other esports scenes, further shining a spotlight on the dramas that come to light. We’ve taken a look back at all the major scene scandals, and ranked them in a top-10 standoff.

The infamous, and shambolic, Gaming Paradise event saw organizations and teams such as NAVI, Kinguin, and head to a coastal town in Slovenia promising sun, competition, and live music. With long delays, laggy streams, and passports being held by police – this is one event that will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.


Also on our list is the fondly memed ‘word.exe’ which saw OpTic India’s Nikhil ‘forsaken’ Kumawat attempting to cheat with a file stored on their computer. Playing against RevolutionVN, the stream was delayed for 20 minutes while the event investigated, and found, the now infamous cheat file.

Of course, our list wouldn’t be complete without iBUYPOWER’s 2015 match-fixing scandal, which saw the team throwing a match where they were overwhelming favorites.

Make sure to check out the full video above for all 10 of our controversies.

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