UK organization Semper Fortis Esports go public and raise £2.5m

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Semper Fortis Nolan Bushnell
Semper Fortis

Semper Fortis Esports, a new organization based in the United Kingdom, have raised £2.5m after listing on the Aquis Stock Exchange Growth Market.

The organization are said to be the first to go public on this particular stock exchange and successfully raised £2.55m at a price of £0.01 per share.

Semper Fortis, who classify themselves as a “multi-operational esports organization,” will have a market capitalization of £4.155m. This reflects how much they are worth, tallying up the total market value of outstanding shares.

They aim to make a name for themselves in the esports industry through a multi-pronged approach of “establishing esports teams, forming brand and technology partnerships, and providing business to business advisory services.”

Semper Fortis Esports Top Blokes
DreamHack/Jennika Ojala/Semper Fortis
Top Blokes are one of Europe’s best teams in Rocket League.

As per a presentation prepared for their public listing, they estimate that £1.13m will be spent in expenses in their first year. This includes £320k in director salaries, £285k in operational cost, £220k for marketing and product development, and £130,000 for “professional fees.”

They signed their first team earlier in April 2021, picking up the predominantly British Rocket League roster known as Top Blokes.

Interestingly, the roster will continue to operate under their pre-existing name and branding — suggesting that Semper Fortis will act as a parent company instead of directly competing through that brand.

The org will utilize the newly-raised funds to continue to sign teams, though it’s unknown at the time of publication as to which titles they are aiming to enter next. It is known, however, that they’re looking to work with “professional footballers and influencers” like fellow UK team Guild Esports.

The aforementioned Guild, Danish esports organization Astralis, and Luminosity Gaming owners Enthusiast Gaming are all already listed publicly but have expressed intentions to enter the US market in an attempt to access more investors.