G2 Esports expand Streamcoi partnership to grow their content creator business

Adam Fitch
G2 Esports Streamcoi Partnership
Streamcoi, Twitter: Orb

European organization G2 Esports have extended and expanded their partnership with streamer management platform Streamcoi.

As part of the continued deal, Streamcoi will help to bolster the esports org’s creator and streamer business by allowing them to manage sponsorship content and track performance on their platform.

G2 are continuing to invest in “high-quality streaming content” from both its professional players and content creators, and Streamcoi will play a part in those efforts.

According to a press release, G2 already generate over 10m hours of watch-time each month through their streamers. They’ll be hoping to keep that number growing through this renewed deal.

G2 Esports Yuli
Twitter: Yuli
Former LEC referee Yuli joined G2 as a creator in March 2021.

Streamcoi and G2 will work together to measure accurate statistics and monitor results in real-time, and make it easy for relevant personnel to access team assets, design files, and partner content.

The organization will also utilize their partner to promote their merchandise, a recurring meme for those familiar with CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodríguez Santiago.

G2 Esports are home to some of the industry’s most well-known partnerships to date. They actively hold deals with major brands such as BMW, adidas, Red Bull, and Domino’s Pizza.

“G2 has been with us almost from the beginning and the official partnership is definitely one of the highlights in Streamcoi’s history,” said Streamcoi brand manager Jakub Janaszek. “Supporting such a large organisation, its partnerships and dozens of the most popular streamers are not only a pleasure but also a great challenge.

“Nothing gives you more satisfaction than when what you create works. We have many great projects behind us, but even more ahead of us. Teams that don’t bet on automation now will have a big problem in the future to bear it.”

G2’s biggest creators

They’re a big presence in major titles like League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and Rocket League, and plenty of their pro players stream when they’re not competing or practicing. The likes of Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson, Oscar ‘mixwell’ Cañellas Colocho, and Rasmus ‘Caps’ Borregaard Winther are all big draws when they go live on Twitch.

On the creator side, G2 Esports are home to popular creators and streamers such as Heelmike, Deansocool, Orb, RyyFyy, former professional Hearthstone player Lothar, and former LEC referee Yul.