Fortnite sport shooting to be featured in Olympic Esports Series

Olympics logo on top of Fortnite background

Fortnite will be joining the roster for the inaugural Olympic Esports Series 2023 thanks to the International Shooting Sport Federation.

Fortnite has been taking the gaming community by storm ever since its release back in 2017. From younger kids looking to have some fun after school to more competitive adult players, the fandom is massive and its diversity unmatched.

When it comes to the more competitive side of Fortnite’s community, its players have been taking part in various competitions across the years. From groups as big as FaZe Clan to smaller professional teams, the shooter has seen it all.

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In what may be Fortnite’s biggest dive into esports yet, the popular game is going to be showcased at the inaugural Olympic Esports Series 2023. The International Shooting Sport Federation will feature the game as a part of its roster.

Fortnite will be at the Olympic Esports Series 2023

The International Olympic Committee has come together with the Singapore National Olympic Council to announce details about the event. It will be invitational, involving just 12 players selected from the Fortnite Champion series.

Fortnite x Olympic Esports 2023 Poster

The event will feature a unique island created in Fortnite for the International Shooting Sport Federation. There, players will trial their aim accuracy, similarly to how other professional sport shooters do while competing.

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The Olympic Esports Series 2023 itself is going to be a global virtual competition, running in collaboration with game publishers. The world’s best players will compete in-person for the finals, set this summer between the 22 to 25 June.

Fortnite’s professional shooting event will be joining other esports such as archery, baseball, chess, dance, martial arts, motorsport, sailing, and tennis. The Olympic Esports events will be streamed globally on the official website and other social media channels. Tune in to watch Fortnite pros in action!

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