Former Denial Esports CEO breaks silence following change of ownership

Alan Bernal

Former Denial Esports CEO Robby Ringnalda broke his long silence over the controversial management of the team in 2017 that led the organization to ultimately fall in shambles.

Ringnalda was the center of a lot of attention during the midst of complaints revolving around player grievances, lack of communication regarding payments and mismanagement across multiple teams across the esports space, but has now offered final words on the matter.

Ringnalda gave what seems to be his final address on Denial Esports now that CEO of MoneyMatches Zach Smith and Patrick ‘BlackBeardAP’ E. Smith Sr. have paid out the debts of previous management and taken over the team.

The former CEO was emphatic in his apology about the misgivings surrounding his tenure as the head of Denial Esports and will look to be a silent supporter from here on.

“Made a lot of mistakes leading up to 2017,” Ringnalda said. “I’m sorry to anyone that I negatively affected with my mismanagement. [Smith] has righted all of my wrongs and is turning the Denial brand into what it once was in exchange for my ownership share. Now time to be a fan.”

At the time of the controversy Denial Esports touted extremely competitive teams in numerous titles, but lack of proper direction saw an end to a once thriving brand.

Smith even responded to Ringnalda’s comment, empathizing with the former CEO and wishes the esports community to take a similar stance to the ousted executive.

In the months since Smith’s involvement with the organization, he and BlackBeardAp have worked to not only rectify the mistakes of the previous ownership but create a “positive vibe” atmosphere around every facet of the team.

Early public reaction to Ringnalda’s apology is that of understanding to the former CEO’s mistakes, as well as echo the kind of positivity that the new ownership is keen on promoting.

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