Denial Esports hints at acquisition of fan-favorite CS:GO team

Denial Esports / Valve

The Dreamhack Winter Open 2018 created a lot of storylines in CS:GO back in February, but the biggest news came from an unknown South African team who took second place at the tournament and might have just attracted a major sponsor.

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Bravado is an esports organization that touts a “zero-to-hero” approach to its teams, and their Project Destiny squad that earned a top 2 finish at an international event have been struggling to fund its CS:GO team to more international tourneys, but that might change soon.

Denial Esports has been at the forefront of conversation since management transferred over to CEO of MoneyMatches Zach Smith and Patrick ‘BlackBeardAP’ E. Smith Sr. earlier in December 2018, and the org along with its management has been tweeting hints of entering the CS:GO arena.

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It all started when Smith was tweeted the story and call-to-action for Bravado’s funding obstacle. Smith was touched by the story and said he would be in contact with the team.

The tweet was soon followed by another that all but confirms Smith’s intentions for Project destiny.

“I apologize in advance if we pick up a CSGO team and all the old shit I talked on CSGO still stands,” Smith said.

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The “old shit” Smith refers to was his public denouncement of skin gambling that ran rampant in the early days of CS:GO, but something about Bravado’s team must have pushed Smith past that caveat.

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Without an official announcement Project Destiny’s future is still unsecured, but there are strong indications that it won’t be the last time the South Africans compete on the world stage.