Fnatic files report claiming Gaimin Gladiators could hear production during TI match

Declan Mclaughlin
cover art for the ti11 dota 2 championship in 2022

Fnatic were eliminated from TI 11 in the lower bracket of the main event on October 20. A day later, the organization’s CGO Patrik ‘cArn’ Sättermon revealed that their opponents Gaimin Gladiators were able to hear the broadcast during the match.

The International 11 is ongoing as teams battle for first place in the biggest tournament in Dota 2. Fnatic were one of those team after leaving the Group Stage and earning a lower bracket seed. But on October 20, Fnatic were eliminated from TI 11 in a best-of-one match against European side Gaimin Gladiators.

A day later, Fnatic’s CGO, cArn, revealed on Twitter that Gaimin players were able to hear the broadcast production during the game and used it to their advantage to win the match.

According to cArn, Gaimin players admitted that they used information that they heard from production in their decision-making to ultimately win the match.

cArn continued in a follow-up post saying that he just wants to bring awareness to the incident.

“As a former player, I am very frustrated that such integrity issues are still not prevented, especially on the absolute biggest stage of the sport. Our intention is solely to raise awareness about something that can be as game-breaking as dream-crushing for the athletes,” the Fnatic CGO said.

The incident became known after the match concluded. A player from Gaimin, Anton ‘dyrachyo’ Shkredov, gave an interview with a local Russian caster in which he said that his team could hear everything the casters were saying and took fights based on the information they gleaned from the cast.

No punishments or changes in the broadcast or a rematch have been announced at the time of publishing. Gaimin is set to take on OG on October 21 in a lower-bracket matchup as the tournament continues.