FC Bayern Munich President Reportedly Vetoed Club’s Plan to Expand Into Esports

A report came out that the Ulrich Hoeness, the president of FC Bayern Munich vetoed the plan to invest up to €5M in various esports including League of Legends, Dota 2, and Fortnite. 

The report from German tabloid, Bild, says that Hoeness did not see the connection of how esports were an extension of FC Bayern Munich.

The football club had been in talks about entering the esports world for some time, but on June 21st the president put the conversation to rest.

Various other major sports organizations have made an effort to invest in esports teams across a range of titles.

Other rival clubs in the Bundesliga have invested in various esports teams, primarily in FIFA and League of Legends.

Despite the Bayern Munich basketball club investing in an NBA 2K team, Hoeness wasn’t convinced that the venture was a good business decision.

With the increasing popularity of esports and gaming, it is likely that other big names will try their hand in the arena.

Unfortunately for fans, it does not appear as if competitive teams attached to the football club are in the cards.

Though the plans have reportedly been vetoed that does not mean that the club won’t revisit the discussion of investing in esports as time goes on.

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