Complexity’s Jason Lake gives Dexerto a tour of their $25m gaming compound

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Complexity’s Jason Lake brought us on a tour of their $25,000,000 headquarters in the latest episode of Dexerto Originals. 

Jason Lake, co-founder of Complexity Gaming, gave Dexerto an exclusive look inside their $25,000,000 gaming compound located in Frisco, Texas — right next door to the Dallas Cowboys NFL stadium.

Complexity Gaming is home to a variety of big-name creators like TimTheTatman and Cloakzy, boasting millions of followers, as well as esports teams competing at the highest level, and this facility is designed with these professional teams in mind.

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Complexity Gaming’s 25m dollar compound

In the latest Dexerto Originals documentary, Jason Lake gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the Complexity Headquarters.

“We have what we consider the best, unparalleled infrastructure in the world,” Lake explained. “We have private, luxury apartments about a mile away so they don’t have to stay in the team house. Then, they have the ability to come to our private kitchen and workout area — they’re using the same equipment as the Dallas Cowboys players.”

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Jason Lake went on to show off the team’s gaming area, explaining some of the features they have made available to the players.

He said: “As our team is playing, we will study whatever stage our gamers are going to play on and we’ll replicate that while we practice. We’ve put a lot of energy into really making sure that these rooms are the cutting edge and no one has anything like them.”

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These practice rooms can not only simulate crowd noise, but can be set up to match lighting conditions and strobe effects that might be employed at the esports event itself.

Jason Lake complexity tour

Lake went on to give us a tour of the rest of the compound, including their nap pods.

There is also access to the food available to Dallas Cowboys team, and a huge gym area, which Complexity team members also have use of.

Dexerto Originals launched on January 25 with a look into SypherPK’s gaming studio and is releasing new videos every couple of weeks.

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You can watch the Complexity Gaming Compound tour on the Dexerto Originals YouTube channel — make sure you subscribe to never miss an episode.

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