Cloakzy announces he’s joined Complexity Gaming as Co-Owner

Cloakzy col joinsComplexity Gaming / Cloakzy

After a year of leaving FaZe Clan amid contract disputes, popular streamer and former Fortnite pro Cloakzy has officially announced he’s signed as Co-Owner of Complexity Gaming.

Dennis ‘Cloakzy’ Lepore has been in the public eye ever since going public about his “really bad” contract with FaZe Clan in 2020. While a year went on with no resolution, the two parties decided to part ways.

This opened the door of possibilities for Cloakzy as rumors flew around about him joining another organization. However, he always said he was against it and wanted to do his own thing.

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That was until March 24, when Complexity Gaming welcomed its newest member, Cloakzy, who will be joining TimTheTatman as co-owner and content creator.

Cloakzy officially join Complexity Gaming

The new Complexity star officially announced that he has joined Complexity as a content creator and “a part-owner” during his March 24 Twitch stream.

When asked about his passion and desire to compete again, Dennis gave his fans some insight on what to expect. “I do want to compete again, I have been missing it a lot, but I don’t know what I’m going to compete in.”

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Fans also questioned his decision to join Complexity as Cloakzy had been very vocal about not wanting to join another org. However, he said he felt at home and is looking forward to what the company has planned for the future.

“The five-year plan we have planned out must be something pretty f**king crazy and it’s going to be actually insane,” he said.

In the org’s official statement, they said “Cloakzy is revered in the gaming and esports space for his creativity and energy, and we’re looking forward to bringing his passion to Complexity and GameSquare.”

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For now, the new co-owner is focused on content creation but said that fans should get hyped for what is coming over the course of the next five years.

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