100 Thieves lay off more than a dozen staff on social media, content teams

Brad Norton
100 Thieves facility

100 Thieves had laid off multiple longstanding employees across both its social media and content teams in a major shakeup for the esports, media, and apparel company, including senior staff and executives.

More than a dozen 100 Thieves employees have announced they were laid off from the popular esports brand on July 13. From senior members of the social team to video editors and executive producers alike, the layoffs appear to be widespread across the organization.

Some were more recent hires while others had served the company for multiple years, dating back close to the early days of 100 Thieves — long before the compound, before CouRage and Valkyrae were co-owners, and before multiple rounds of eight-figure investments.

Esports social media veteran Blackbeard, previously of OpTic Gaming, was among those laid off. Executive Producer Mike Aransky, formerly of IGN and ESPN fame, was another big name joining him.

“After almost four years, I say goodbye,” Aransky wrote in his announcement post. Having played an integral role in 100 Thieves’ content from early on, Aransky helped “build the content team from the ground up.”

From the 100 Thieves facility tour which has since gone on to reach almost three million views, to CouRage’s announcement video upon joining the organization, and plenty of highlights in between Aransky has been involved in many of 100 Thieves’ biggest moments.

For the most part, employees hit by the layoffs today expressed their gratitude for time spent with the organization.

“From being a fan for years to working at the company and meeting amazing people, it’s been an absolute pleasure,” former editor Alec Daughtry said.

“I am so grateful for this opportunity and for the chance to meet such amazing people,” former 100 Thieves thumbnail designer Damian added. “I’ll truly never forget the special moments I shared with this team.”

These layoffs seemingly came as a surprise to most, with many now opening themselves to any and all opportunities in the industry.

100 Thieves is currently ranked the second most valuable esports organization in the world today, according to Forbes, sitting just behind TSM with a $460 million valuation.

This shift comes just weeks behind TSM also reportedly laid off more than 20 staff members.

100 Thieves nor its owners have yet to issue a statement regarding the widespread layoffs.