YouTubers Hit Out at YouTube for Running Anti-LGBT Ads on Videos – Some on LGBT Channels

Calum Patterson

A number of high profile YouTubers have been vocal on social media in recent days, criticizing YouTube for running anti-LGBT ads, even alongside videos by LGBT creators.

The timing for this is particularly poor, given it is currently ‘Pride Month’, with other websites such as Twitch and Twitter recognizing and celebrating the month of inclusivity.

The most notorious ads come from “Alliance Defending Freedom”, a legal firm with a strong anti-LBGT stance, tackling issues such as transgenders using particular toilets, same-sex marriage and rights to adopt children.

The Southern Poverty Law Center actually classify Alliance Defending Freedom as an extremist hate group.

One of the main complaints from the YouTubers themselves is that YouTube will often demonetize videos (remove ads from them) if they make strong political statements, particularly relating to LGBT issues and criticizm.

The main ad being shown revolves around a florist who was taken to court for refusing to make a floral arrangement for a same-sex marriage, because it went against her faith.

And while the ads have appeared on a range of videos, including non-LGBT creators, it has also been spotted on videos by LGBT YouTubers.

Some of the biggest YouTube channels, including PewDiePie, Buzzfeed News and Philip DeFranco.

YouTube has a video policy against anything which “primary purpose is to attack a protected group”, however they clearly do not apply the same policy to their advertising policies.

YouTuber Jenna Ezarik was one such channel which had noticed anti-LGBT ads playing, and posted about the issue on Twitter.

Another YouTuber responded explaining that it is possible for YouTuber’s using Google’s Adsense to block certain types of ads on their videos.

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