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YouTuber Who Beat Myth and Nadeshot in KEEMSTAR Fortnite tournament Kicked Out For Cheating

Published: 12/May/2018 14:06 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 18:02

by Calum Patterson


KEEMSTAR’s first weekly YouTube/Streamer Fortnite tournament was a massive success overall, but there was a slight bit of controversy as one team were forfeited after being caught essentially using a ringer.

The tournament was a battle for the most kills in a squad match of Fortnite, with popular community members teaming up in pairs.


One team, which initially featured popular YouTubers ‘Dolan Dark’ and ‘Colossal is Crazy’, surprisingly knocked out TSM’s Ali “Myth” Kabbani and 100Thieves owner Matt “Nadeshot” Haag, in the losers bracket.

The match was fairly convincing as Nadeshot was taken down early and Myth only managed to claw back six kills – by which point they were roundly beaten.


However, shortly after their elimination, Myth and Nadeshot discovered that they had in fact been advanced in the bracket, apparently with a 2-0 win.

Upon investigation, they discovered that one of the players, ‘Colossal is Crazy’ had in fact not been playing, but rather one of his friends was playing instead.

And Colossal later tweeted to confirm that it was not in fact him playing.


KEEMSTAR even called him to explain the situation live on stream.

It seems for future weeks, Grandayy, who has over 800,000 subscribers, will be stepping in in place of Colossal, who is presumably no longer taking part.

Nadeshot and Myth did go on to win the next round before being eliminated in 9-12th.


PewDiePie revisits Amnesia 10 years later & instantly gets jumpscared

Published: 19/Oct/2020 22:52 Updated: 19/Oct/2020 22:53

by Brent Koepp


YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg hilariously got startled while playing Amnesia’s sequel, Rebirth. The personality revisited the popular horror franchise 10 years later after it jump-started his career a decade ago.

While many know PewDiePie as the face of YouTube, this wasn’t always the case for the content creator. In 2010, he began his humble roots playing titles like Amnesia: The Dark Descent in his small apartment in Sweden.


The star revisited the popular horror franchise a decade later on October 19 when he played the game’s much-hyped sequel, Rebirth. However, Kjellberg’s dive into the new release hilariously left him startled just minutes into the story.

young pewdiepie playing amnesia
YouTube: PewDiePie
PewDiePie got his start on YouTube by playing games like Amnesia.

PewDiePie gets jumpscared

The popular YouTuber opened up his latest video by reflecting on the history his channel has had with the Amnesia series. “Here we are, 10 years later. Amnesia Rebirth is here. Obviously a lot of people know already, Amnesia was the birth of my channel,” he said.


The star then pointed out that after a decade of waiting, he was now finally able to play a sequel by the original team that made Dark Descent: “It’s just really cool be playing a sequel made by the original team. Alright, let’s begin!”

To match the ambiance of how he played the horror title in 2010, PewDiePie turned the lights down. However, a few minutes in to the story, a jumpscare startled him.”Are you f**king serious!?” he shouted, before putting his head into his hands and laughing. When another image flashed on the screen, he exclaimed, “Stop!”

(Topic starts at 4:23)

In April, Pewds explained to viewers that he genuinely gets scared easily. “I’m so easily startled. It’s so funny, because when I used to do horror games, everyone would accuse me “he’s faking it! he’s faking it!”… I get scared easily!” he said.


Jumpscares aside, the 30-year-old’s return to the series was a treat for fans, with many nostalgic moments sprinkled throughout. The entertainer had callbacks to his 2012 Let’s Plays, such as carrying mundane items around as if his life depended on it.

PewDiePie shouldn’t feel too bad about getting scared so early on though, as he was wearing headphones – making the jumpscare all the more startling for him.