YouTuber Nas Ebk charged with making terroristic threats for pulling knife on stranger after prank fails

nasebk noticuzTwitter: FightHaven

Budding social media figure and aspiring rapper Nas Ebk has been charged with assault and making terroristic threats, after prank videos in which he threatened members of the public with a knife.

One viral video of the YouTuber showed Nas Ebk pulling out a knife and threatening a couple. He threatened physical harm after the couple was unable to recognize him while pulling a prank at an airport.

YouTuber Noticuz and YouTuber/ rapper Nas Ebk were performing various pranks around the airport, one of which involved claiming that other passengers’ baggage was their own. This led to an extreme encounter with one couple in particular, who, whilst defending their baggage, attempted to leave the situation.

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However, this prompted Nas to call forth and threaten them, “we joking bro, it’s a joke… google me, I’ll beat you up, stop playing with me.”

Nas then pulled out his knife against the couple, tossing various threats their way.

“What? I’ll stab you right now. How you feeling? How you feeling? What? You think you tough bro?”

His companion Noticuz stepped in between the two parties, attempting to defuse the situation from escalating. But this didn’t stop Nas from continuing to hurl threats toward the couple.

“I’ll stab your face right now, what, look, what you trying to do? Stop playing with me. I’ll cut your face open.”

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During a similar prank at ShopRite in Rochelle Park, New York, police say the YouTuber “brandished a scalpel-style knife and threatened the employee.”

In relation to this prank, he has been arrested and charged with assault and making terroristic threats.

nas ebkInstagram: nasebk40
Many have expressed frustration against Nas Ebk.

In this incident, Ebk is heard saying “Walk toward me again and I’ll violate you,” to the employee at the ShopRite store.

Commenters condemned the video, with responses such as “So you pull a knife on him because your prank was certified trash?” Some comments in particular highlighted irritation with YouTube pranksters in general.

“So your prank doesn’t go off the way you wanted and you want to stab him. SMH. That’s why I love the videos where the YouTube pranksters get beat up.”

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On his Instagram, a new post was shared on February 22, with the caption ” Too much chattin Ebk be back soon. FREE DA RI$KTAKER.”