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YouTuber Mariale accused of stealing video from smaller creator

Published: 12/Nov/2020 18:30

by Alice Hearing


YouTuber ‘Mariale’ has been accused of stealing content after telling a dramatic story that was first posted by a smaller YouTuber called ‘HeyParis’ – and the feud just keeps escalating.

Mariale is a huge Venezuelan YouTuber based in Los Angeles with 13.4 million subscribers on her main channel. She is known for her beauty and fashion content, which she publishes in both Spanish and English, and often collaborates with YouTuber SSSniperWolf.

On Wednesday November 11, Mariale posted a ‘Storytime’ to her English-language channel which appeared to copy, word-for-word, another video from back in 2017 which was posted by HeyParis, making it seem as though it happened to her.


The original story by HeyParis recalled a time during which she was an employee at Sephora when her co-worker ruined someone’s wedding makeup. The video used the title, “Sephora employee ruins wedding,” which Mariale also used for her own upload.

Marielle YouTuber
Instagram: higuysimmar
Marielle has more than 13 million subscribers on her Spanish channel.

Paris quickly called Mariale out in a video titled, “YOUTUBER MARIALE STOLE MY ENTIRE STORYTIME WORD FOR WORD”, claiming that she was not given credit anywhere until Twitter users began to notice the story wasn’t hers. Paris said, “She is now monetizing and making revenue off of my story and my experience.”

Mariale initially deleted the video and stated she had done so “since some of you weren’t liking the idea of retelling other stories.” But shortly after, she posted her own full response to Paris, admitting that she had not asked for permission to use the story.


However, she defended herself, saying “the biggest thing that [Paris] says is that I never gave her credit, and that is completely false.”

She went on to explain that she had given her credit in the description box of the video, and felt that her viewers would recognize the story wasn’t hers, because she decided to name herself “London” while telling the story.

And the plot still thickens, as Paris has now uploaded another video calling Marielle a liar: “You need to take accountability and the people around you need to help you realize that lying is not smart when receipts are available. I don’t wanna keep going back and forth… but I will also continue to stand up for myself when people try and lie on my name for something that they know they did.”