YouTuber leaks full Matrix 4 Resurrections plot and ending spoilers

Matrix 4 plot revealYouTube

A YouTuber with a credible track record of leaks has claimed to have revealed the entire plot of The Matrix 4 and it’s quite divisive to say the least.

WorldofGeekdom, better known as the Dragon Ball YouTuber Geekdom101, had previously correctly revealed the plots for Godzilla vs Kong and Snake Eyes and has built himself up as having insider info.

Now, the YouTuber has allegedly gotten his hands on the entire plot of The Matrix 4, claiming that he has a source who has seen the entire movie. It seems to be legitimate too, as YouTube deleted the video after a copyright claim by Warner Bros.

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Many people were surprised when the Wachowski siblings announced that they were working on a fourth installment in The Matrix franchise, especially with the original trilogy wrapping things up.

Neo stops bullets mid airrWarner Bros
Why dodge bullets when you can just stop them?

Of course, if you don’t want to be spoiled for a movie coming out in December, stop reading. Or if you want to take your chances on the information being accurate or not, go ahead and continue.

Spoilers ahead!

According to Geekdom, The Matrix has been updated since the last film and takes place 60 years after Revolutions. There are loads of self-referential jokes about movie reboots and this in itself is a bit of a soft reboot to the series.

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The film begins very similarly to the first movie with Agents chasing down a character called “Bugs” played by Jessica Henrick.

YouTube video deletedYouTube/WorldOfGeekdom
YouTube deleted the video suggesting the plot leak was real.

Apparently, Morpheus is now an Agent played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen, but is a “bootleg copy” of the original Morpheus who is now dead. When Neo updated The Matrix, he created this copy of Morpheus.

Neil Patrick Harris plays a villain called The Analyst and is also Neo’s therapist. Basically, Neo is alive and has flashbacks to the events of the other films while forgetting who he actually is.

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The plot essentially is about Neo trying to reconnect with Trinity, who is still alive, and become “The One” once more. In a twist at the very end, it’s revealed that Trinity has powers of The One, and the two work together in a “visually amazing” fight.

Geekdom went more in-depth detail in his video, but it’s clear that there are some parts of this movie that will be controversial and some elements that supposedly contain “lazy writing.”

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It will be interesting to see how much of this ends up being accurate or if anything changes before the film is released in theaters on December 22.

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